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  • Left: a pile of cinnamon buns on a plate. There are about 6 cinnamon buns. Right: exterior of the boulangerie Atelier P1. It is an old building that has been updated. There are windows and the front door is visible.

    The Other Side of Montmartre: The Best Restaurants, Bars & Cafés North of Sacre Coeur

    You may already be familiar with Paris’ famous Montmartre district, but how about the hidden neighborhood tucked away behind the hills in the northern end of the city? While much of the 18th arrondissement has remained home to immigrant communities and fought off gentrification, pockets of the neighborhood have begun changing in recent years with new cafés and trendy bars popping up—including the Jules Joffrin neighborhood.

  • An orange bicycle parked outside a café on a rainy day in Paris

    Our Favorite Parisian Podcasts to Listen to Right Now

    Leaves have started to turn color and drop from trees in Paris, and the first crisp bites of autumn are settling in as we leave summer behind for la rentrée. Whether you’re sticking to télétravail (working from home) or getting back into the rhythm of commuting, podcasts are the perfect pick-me-up for working, traveling, or lounging around the house. Here are our seven favorite French podcasts!

  • Left: A child smiles, doodles of hearts drawn in white over his face, Right: Two children play a game of soccer in an alleyway in Paris

    10 Ways to Entertain Your Kids During Lockdown & Beyond

    Like many caretakers around the world, I’ve been in isolation with children for weeks. Like many caretakers around the world, I’ve been in isolation with children for weeks. While I’m grateful for our safety and health, it hasn’t been easy to keep two kids under 10 occupied without leaving the house. So, what do you do when you’re at home with children indefinitely? Here are ten activities to try out with your kids!

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