Leaves have started to turn color and drop from trees in Paris. The first crisp bites of autumn are settling in as we leave summer behind for la rentrée. Whether you’re sticking to télétravail (working from home) or getting back into the rhythm of commuting, podcasts are the perfect pick-me-up for working, traveling, or lounging around the house. Here are our seven favorite Parisian podcasts!

1. Dinner For One

Described as “a podcast about the healing power of good food,” Dinner For One is recorded in host Sutanya Dacres’ Parisian kitchen with plenty of insights, delicious food, and sometimes even a guest or two. Dacres began her podcast after going through a divorce from her French ex-husband after their move to Paris. Each episode explores life’s challenges, self-discovery, and the power of home-cooked meals to get you through it all. Pour a glass of wine, gather your ingredients, and cook alongside Dacres’ friendly voice. You’ll feel like you’re right at home with her!
Note: Most episodes are in English, but you can catch her speaking French from time to time!

Left: An overhead shot of a plate of moules-frites, with the fries to the left, the muscles (moules) to the right and a spicy mayonnaise sauce in the middle, Right: The Dinner For One ppodcast logo, with purple, pink and blue dots in the background, and the text "Dinner For One" laid on top.
Top: Gabriella Lincoln / Above: Dinner For One

2. The Feminist Book Chat Podcast

Originally an in-person book club hosted at Paris’ Shakespeare & Company, founders Lou Binns and Camille Lou expanded the book club to a bi-monthly podcast. They discuss a range of topics including feminist literature and intersectional feminist topics, from BIPOC feminism to queer culture and beyond.
Note: Most episodes are in English, with a few in French

Hosts of the Feminist book club, Camille Lou to the left and Lou Binns to the right, sitting side by side with books in their hands. Camille dressed in a blazer, tshirt and jeans, Lou wearing a long, printed dress, and the two smile at the camera.
The Feminist Book Club

3. Intime & Politique

Staying on the topic of feminism, Intime & Politique “tackles the roots of sexist discrimination and gender stereotypes” through audio documentaries. Each documentary ranges from four to six hours. Individual episodes last about 30 minutes. In its first season, Intime & Politique invites three activist directors to discuss the theme of “women’s sexual bodies” and aims to bring new discourse to the topic.
Note: Episodes are in French

Left: Lauren Bastide, host of La Poudre podcast, stands in a doorway, looking at the camera. She has a pair of headphones on her head, her right hand holding her phone and her left hand in her pocket, Right: Cover of the Intime & Politique podcast, with the title in bold type and an illustration of a fist.
Lauren Bastide / Intime & Politique

4. Les Baladeurs

Adrenaline seekers and nature lovers, listen up! We’ve found the podcast for you. Les Baladeurs is an audio series, releasing new (true!) stories every 15 days. Follow along with host Camille Juzeau and composer Alice-Anne Brassac as they narrate real stories of people’s thrilling experiences in nature. Episodes range from an icy climb in the Celestial Mountains to an emergency mission in space.
Note: Episodes are in French

Left: A portrait of Camille Juzeau, host of Les Baladeurs podcast, standing against a blank white wall, Right: A photo of a pair of large headphonrs, an iphone and a journal on a wooden table
Camille Juzeau / Aaron Burden

5. La Poudre

Twice a month, journalist Lauren Bastide invites writers, artists, researchers, and activists to discuss contemporary feminist and anti-racist struggles.
Note: Episodes are in French, but English listeners can enjoy several episodes on La Poudre in English. For francophone book lovers, La Poudre Lit offers three literary recommendations bi-weekly, examining topics discussed on La Poudre

Left: Clotilde Dusoulier, host of the Change Ma Vie podcast, sits with a pair of headphones on her head and a pen in her hand. She smiles off to the distance, Right: Cover of La Poudre podcast, with the title written in bold pink type and an illustration of an explosion below it
Clotilde Dusoulier – Change Ma Vie / La Poudre

6. Change Ma Vie: Outils Pour L’Esprit

Chang Ma Vie is a personal development and coaching podcast. It gives you concrete and accessible tools to better understand your own functioning, resolve difficulties, and promote well-being. Each Thursday, new episodes are released on unique topics, like the tone of your inner self dialogue and the sense of shame we feel in uncomfortable situations. Listen up if you’re ready to dive into insightful topics and, as the name suggests, change your life.
Note: Episodes are in French

A old blue car is parked on a cobble driveway on a rainy fall day in Paris
Gabriella Lincoln

7. La Marche de l’Histoire

Join journalist and host Jean Lebrun daily as he delves into lesser-known history. From the tragedies that struck the world in June 1940, to the history of witchcraft, you may just learn something new!
Note: You can find numerous other French podcasts, varying in topics, on France Inter.

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Jamie Rolston

Jamie is originally from Los Angeles, but moved to Paris to become an au pair after graduating from the University of Oregon in 2018. When not taking care of kids or helping out the HiP Paris team, she loves to take film photographs, try new vegetarian restaurants or split a bottle of wine with friends.

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