Author: Marisa Morrison

Marisa is a magazine journalism student at Boston University’s College of Communication graduating in May 2011 and an aspiring fashion editor. Her résumé includes internships at Teen Vogue, Ralph Lauren Collection, Rag & Bone and Delia’s, as well as a few freelance assistant styling gigs. She spent Spring 2010 in Paris, where she interned for Women’s Wear Daily’s Paris bureau. She is also a co-founder of The Buzz, Boston University’s student lifestyle magazine. Feel free to contact her at and follow her on Twitter at @theNeonTeaParty.

One can only bear the mob encircling the Mona Lisa so many times. In my four months living in Paris, I must have visited Mona and her Louvre museum on half a dozen occasions, mostly while touring visiting friends and family around the city’s landmark attractions. You can’t argue that the Louvre is not fabulous,… …read more