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  • People sit on terraces of restaurants in Paris' Latin Quarter. The names of the restaurants include, "Bistro Italien, "Gaston," and "Café des Arts"

    A Guide to Paris’s Latin Quarter

    Where Hemingway once walked, and students now weave in and out of Soufflot Hall and the Bibliothèque Saint-Geneviève, is the storied Latin Quarter, straddling parts of the fifth and sixth arrondissements of Paris.

  • Place de Furstenberg, located in Paris' left bank, on a sunny afternoon.

    Square Spotting: Paris’s Prettiest Squares for Summer

    It’s finally summer. And as we are now able to stroll around the city as usual, here are some bookmark-worthy ideas and inspiration for exploring! We’ve been through the City of Light’s prettiest secret streets, so here are some of the most beautiful squares. They’ll take you all across Paris and into bucolic hidden corners that’ll make you forget you’re in the city.

  • Left: A beautiful layered cake decorated with flowers and berries from Peonies Paris, Right: The storefront of café and flower shop Peonies Paris.

    Slow Flowers: The Sustainable Movement is Growing in Paris

    The Ferme Florale Urbaine cultivates sustainable, seasonal flowers and sells them to both florists and individuals. They are part of the growing “Slow Flower” movement, joining the ranks of slow food and fashion.

  • The Best French Recipe Websites For Cooking Your Way Through Lockdown

    We are officially on day 15 of lockdown in Paris — and I’m trying hard not to count! Here is a little roundup of good French recipes for your next confinement dinner.

  • The greenhouse, called the Serres d'Auteuil, in Paris' 16th arrondissement, is illuminated by the sunrise. Sunlight streams through the pointed dome, spilling onto the lawn that leads to the entrance.

    Paris’s Top Three Winter Gardens

    Paris might put on a grey, gloomy winter coat, but there are still places in the city to enjoy beautiful plants while staying warm. Here are our top three winter gardens in Paris.

  • How to Get Around Paris During the Strikes

    As part of a national movement, Paris’ public transit workers have been on strike since December 5. Here are three essential tips to make the most of your stay — and get around efficiently.

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