We are officially on day 15 of lockdown in Paris — and I’m trying hard not to count! With the only authorized outings being grocery shopping, medical visits, work, or solitary sports, stir-craziness can be real. After all, you can only play so many board games and read so many books.

Luckily for me, I’ll be spending the confinement period outside of Paris, à la campagne, but, with a bunch of extra time, trying out new recipes can make meals fun and give us something to look forward to. Here is a little roundup of some bloggers/chefs who are churning out good French recipes for your next lockdown dinner.

On left: A luscious oeufs en cocotte - baked eggs - with asparagus wait to be dunked by freshly toasted bread. On right: A portrait of Mimi Thorisson, the founder of the popular eponymous food blog. She resides in the Médoc region of France, hosting workshops, writing cookbooks, and wrangling her large family.
Top: David Lebovitz/ Above: Oddur Thorisson

Mimi Thorisson

Living in Médoc, a region north of Bordeaux, Thorisson has embraced country living, writing cookbooks and hosting workshops while also lassoing her large family. Bouche à la reine (chicken and mushrooms in a white wine sauce, with puff pastry), white asparagus with poached egg, and my personal favorite, duck confit, are just a few of the many recipes you can try.

A sunlit-flooded table overflows with fresh produce: Leafy greens; chestnuts; a chicken to roast; apples; and, of course, wine.
Oddur Thorisson

David Lebovitz

One of our favorite resident chefs and experts in Paris. Motor your way through one of his many books — my collection is full of post-its for the recipes I’ll be trying next. In homage to spring, try a pie or tart recipe (definitely eyeing the tarte normande, a nod to where I’ll be for the foreseeable future), or mark the decidedly chilly first day of spring with a hearty tourtière (a meat and potato pie).

On left: Only half of a deep golden fruit tart remains, bathed in sunlight. One right: A refreshing scoop of mango sorbet is surrounded by brilliant raspberries and blueberries.
David Lebovitz

Julia Child

Is this really a French recipe roundup if we don’t include Julia? She made the cuisine seem more accessible and approachable for many, which is why this article published by The Kitchn is perfect. Ten home cooks share the Julia Child recipe they wish others knew about. 

Bon Appétit

Can’t say no to this mainstay offering recipes and inspiration for many palates. French onion soup — no frills but still delicious, a twist on boeuf bourguignon (bacon involved), and a steady guide for the best ham-and-cheese toastie, the croque monsieur.

On left: A creamy mushroom risotto is perfect for the beginning of spring, when it's still chilly. On right: Fluffy cherry blossoms in full bloom by the Notre Dame Cathedral.
Emma Fishman / Marissa Wu

Chocolate & Zucchini

Clotilde Dusoulier is a French food writer based in Paris’ Montmartre neighborhood, who shows her readers the joy of simple dishes on her blog, Chocolate & Zucchini. She has an educational approach and focuses on fresh, seasonal, and approachable plates. Salmon and leek quicheapricot and blueberry cobbler (can you tell I’m dreaming of warmer days?), and this arugula, shallot confit, and toasted almond salad would all be on my menu.

On right: A hearty tarte tatin is ready to be served. On right: Fresh mustard will garnish some country bread, complete with cherry tomatoes.
Clotilde Dusolier


With a healthy repertoire of French and France-inspired dishes, plus beautiful photographs, Saveur gives you the impression you’re in their kitchen before you’ve made anything. A traditional apple tart, a staple in any boulangerie, and a traditional salade niçoise are making me excited for lunch.

On left: Cherry blossoms bounce by Shakespeare & Co, a famed anglophone bookshop by the Notre Dame Cathedral. On right: Baked salmon with spinach and onions make for a cozy evening meal.
Marissa Wu / @localhaven

Dorie Greenspan

This wouldn’t be a proper round-up without mentioning the world’s resident Francophile and home baker, Dorie GreenspanMoka Dupont (an icebox cake), blueberry galette, the quest for a perfect cream puff. Dessert for days. 

On left: A towering, generously-frosted cranberry and parsnip cake is illuminated by the soft window light. On right: It's tea time, complete with thick, soft slices of Italian berry cake.
Dorie Greenspan

We hope you find some kitchen inspiration in the days to come, and that it adds some structure and pleasure to your day. 

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  1. Hi,Thankyou all for sharing your experiences of lockdown
    In France.It is a very difficult time in the history of our
    Beautiful planet.I love to read your emails each week
    as I love Paris.I do agree that we will learn something from this.Care more for each other and look after our planet
    a lot better than we have been.When this is over,there will be lots of hugs with family & friends & some great street parties.Best wishes,Stay safe.x????

  2. Your blog has meant so much to me during our ‘lock down’! Even though I live in an island and can have the luxury of lots of long walks with my husband and my dog, the tragedies all around us are a heartbreak as worry for my friends, family,and the world!
    I was so fortunate to study oil painting with Julian M Smith in Province , near Avignon last May and then to bring my daughter, her wife, my two grandchildren to Paris for Christmas and New Years this year. I wanted them to experience travel in France, as I have for many years. I look back and am so grateful to have shown them Paris before this tragedy hit us all. This too shall pass. I spend my days cooking classic French comfort. Food and working at my easel and watching French tv and film. I so appreciate reading something from you as you have such a similar outlook on life. It feeds my soul as well as so many other subscribers; thank you!

    1. Hi there Nancy. So glad we have been meaningful to you! And your comments are heartwarming. Sending warm wishes and glad you were able to study painting last Mat and be there recently with your family! Bon appétit!

  3. As a confirmed Francophile, I am so enjoying your latest blog info on French theatre and now recipes. It makes me happy to have something to look forward to in this bleak period. Gross bisous, P

  4. You should also have mentioned David Leibovitz’s new book Drinking French and his accompanying Instagram account showing him making drinks each day that is a bright light for so many of us!

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