It’s uncertain times out there, with France, Italy, and now Spain on lockdown and travel bans all over. The spread of the coronavirus has thrown everyone’s lives — and travel plans — into disarray.

Left, flower shop in Paris springtime. Right, a girl sprawled in a leather armchair wearing  Sézane outfit in Paris.
Top: Steven Lasry. Above: Call Me Hangry / Sézane

But while you may not be able to travel to France, there are still ways you can get a little taste of France from your own home. 

Left, someone reading a book with a glass of red wine in hand during the Coronavirus confinement. Right, a copy of Messy Nessy' 'Don't be a tourist in Paris' guidebook about Paris.
Jeff Siepman / Don’t be a Tourist in Paris


Indulge in some of your favorite French cheeses and charcuterie. Don’t forget a fresh, crusty baguette and a nice bottle of French wine, bien sûr. Need some inspiration? Check out “Apéritif: Cocktail Hour the French Wayby Rebekah Peppler.

Left, a woman's hand holding up a glass of red wine to go with a ham and cheese platter at home during the Coronavirus. Right, the cover of Rebekah Peppler's book 'Apéritif' for making cocktails at home during self-isolation.
Melissa Walker / Apéritif

Movie Night

Have a movie night with some classic French films, such as Amélie or Intouchables, or films that just inspire you to dream of France, such as Chocolat or Midnight in Paris. There are also some great French films on Netflix, and plenty of series for you to binge, which we’ve written about.

Online Shopping

Left and right, enjoy Paris without leaving home by shopping for stylish Parisian accessories online, likethis Sézane yellow suit and Polène handbag.
Sézane / Polène

If you love Paris for the shopping, get online. You can still shop your favorite French brands’ new spring releases and prepare for brighter days ahead. (Note: We hope that online shopping will continue but understand things may change).

Left and right, how to enjoy Paris without traveling to the city includes shopping for Parisian style online like these dark red snakeskin handbags.
Tammy and Benjamin

There are plenty of lovely pieces in Sézane’s new spring collection; we love the handbags by Polène or Tammy and Benjamin, grab a pair of sustainably-made sneakers from Veja, or some French lingerie from our new favorite brand Livy. In need of some outfit inspiration? Get the look by following some of our top Parisian fashion bloggers and influencers.

Left, a girl wearing Veja sneakers made sustainably. Right, Veja sneakers are among the top Parisian style must-haves.

While you’re doing that e-shopping, there are some lovely French beauty products you can also buy online. Pamper yourself with the clean beauty products from Oh My Cream, for example.

Left, two bottles of cream on a towel in a bathroom from Oh My Cream! brand in Paris. Right, stacked pink and while creams by Parisian brand to shop from home.
Oh My Cream

Parisian Bloggers

There are many great Parisian Instagram accounts you can follow to get your daily dose of Paris. Check out @seemyparis, @wanderwonders,, @alexandrine_r, @clangart, @deareverest, @lostncheeseland, and @davidlebovitz to name but a few.

Left and right, a stack of books are essential for when self-isolating during the Coronavirus.
Alex Loup / Sincerely Media


Too much screen time? Curl up with a good book. Some classics: The Little Prince, Les Misérables, A Moveable Feast, or The Hunchback of Notre-Dame.

Left, the cover of the book 'How to be Parisian wherever you are'. Right, 'A Paris' book by Jeanne Damas, about Parisian style.
How to be Parisian wherever you are / À Paris

Or for something more contemporary, get your hands on “How to Be Parisian Wherever You Are: Love, Style, and Bad Habits” by Anne Berest, Audrey Diwan, Caroline de Maigret, and Sophie Mas, “À Paris” by Jeanne Damas and Lauren Bastide, “The Only Street in Paris: Life on Rue des Martyrs” by Elaine Sciolino or “When in French: Love in a Second Language” by Lauren Collins.

More books to read while in confinement during the Coronavirus pandemic which will help you enjoy Paris without going there.
The Only Street in Paris / Toa Heftiba


And the best antidote yet: start planning your next Paris trip with the help of “Don’t be a Tourist in Paris: The Messy Nessy Chic Guide” by Vanessa Grall, “Paris In Stride: An Insider’s Walking Guide” by Jessie Kanelos Weiner or “The Little(r) Museums of Paris” by Emma Jacobs. Try to keep calm, stay safe, and dream of Paris. 

Left, a tray with a hearty breakfast and an open book, the perfect way to enjoy a day of confinement. Right, a pair of Sézane green velvet and cork-heel shoes to shop to remind you of Paris without leaving home.
Elora Allen / Sézane

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  1. Always a pleasure to be transported to Paris. Love it, love it, love it! Pure escapism in these pandemic times. Merci!

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