Posts by MatthewH:

  • A boulderer in a purple t-shirt climbs in Fontainebleau. Streetart of a lady in bandages and her hands in the air on Rue du Prévôt.

    The Best Climbing Gyms in Paris Now

    Climbing has come a long way in the last few years. The sport was once dominated by tough grizzled men who battled the elements and abided by a strict code of ethics. It has evolved to become a sport that is accessible to all. 

  • Simon Burke on his motorcyle in front of Pont des Invalide. A dog bounds down Rue Galande on an autumnal day with Odettte in the backrgound.

    Discovering Paris on a Motorcycle

    My typical Parisian day generally involves the metro. Efficient though it is, when given the opportunity to take a tour in a vintage motorcycle sidecar, I was thrilled to be exploring Paris from above.

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