Author: Nicole Gustin

Nicole Gustin has a French soul in an American body. A former newspaper journalist, she is also a lifelong writer of fiction, non-fiction, poetry and essays. She has called both Boston and Atlanta home, and keeps returning to Paris until she can settle there permanently.

Piyapat Ch You’re about to realize your dream: living in Paris for a month. You found an apartment, booked your flight, and learned how to ask for les toilettes. You imagine strolling through the city, taking in the sights, hanging out at cafés, and being…Parisian.  Of course, part of the fun of travel is making… …read more

At the Rodin Museum, Paris (Stephen Boisvert) The other week, as the famed Musée D’Orsay was about to celebrate a grand re-opening after two years of renovation, museum workers went on strike. The strike ended fairly quickly, but for a few agonizing days disappointed Impressionistas were left wondering how to get their art fix in… …read more