Author: Steve Brenner

Steven Brenner and his wife Linda own the stylish Beehive Hotel in Rome as well as the accommodation agency Cross -Pollinate that specializes in handpicked properties for the budget conscious. He is currently ending a 2 year sabbatical in Bali where he’s been surfing, doing yoga and lying in the pool staring at coconut trees.

Erica Berman was lucky enough to spend a couple months in gorgeous Genoa, Italy, this summer. She met up with HiP Paris friend and contributor Steve Brenner for a leisurely lunch in the historic town of Montepulciano before touring some villas in Tuscany. After reading his mouth-watering account of their meal, we couldn’t keep ourselves… …read more

Steve Brenner and his wife Linda Martinez moved to Rome with the dream of opening an eco-friendly hotel and indulging in delicious Italian food. Here, Steve shares his tips for getting our attempts at Italian cuisine to taste a little more like what comes out of an Italian mamma’s kitchen…-Geneviève Pasta Carbonara (no cream!) and… …read more