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La Rentrée: Paris Re-Awakens

by Yvonne Hazelton
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Yvonne Hazelton

Yvonne is an American writer living in Paris. She blogs at Escaping the Empty Nest. View Yvonne Hazelton's Website

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2 comments on “La Rentrée: Paris Re-Awakens

Thank you Yvonne for a wonderful ‘fairy tale’ that reminds those of us living in Paris of what we have on our doorstep, Winter, Spring, Summer and Fall. Your romantic, yet crystal clear, and true words are reminiscent of Hemingway’s ‘Moveable Feast’. As a Parisian long timer, I’m sometimes guilty of succumbing to the ‘Metro, Boulot, Dodo’ syndrome but your article makes me want to toss my hair, (like Paris), and get back out there. Thanks again for the inspiration! The spectacular photos, as a backdrop to your descriptions of Paris, metamorphose your tale into a film that could be seen again and again. .. Patricia Killeen

Bravo Yvonne,
What a wonderful fairy tale!
Your discerning eye and romantic, but crystal clear pen, reminds us people living in Paris what we have, winter, spring, summer and fall and helps us shake off our ‘rentrée’ blues. Keep the magic coming! Your article brings to mind ‘A Moveable Feast’ which also always rekindles my love of Paris, when I’m worn out and in the humdrum of ‘metro, boulot, dodo’. I also loved the spectacular choice of photos of our city of adoption, the city so sure of her beauty she could, in your words ‘toss her hair and dare tourists not to come’.
Patricia Killeen Paris

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