Left- A woman is seen from behind. 
 She wears jeans, a white blouse, and has a white scarf tied in her hair. 
Right-A black and white Longchamptote bags sits on a black Longchamp suitcase.
Top right: @jeffonline / Top and above left: @lise_frt / Above right: Longchamp

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The moment has arrived. Your Parisian holiday.

You’ve spent time en route to the City of Light dreaming of sipping champagne at a café, watching the city go by. Or perhaps, you’re eager to begin your tour of the Musée Rodin.  Now post flight reality has set in. You’re standing in a sea of tired, impatient travelers at the airport, waiting for your bag. 

Left-A woman stands photographing a window filled with books. She wears jeans and a white sweater. 
Right- Trees and rooftops of Paris are shown.
Left: Ines Heli / Right: Maria Rodnikova

Nothing starts a vacation off on the wrong foot more than lost luggage, and time wasted waiting at the airport for your bag. Save yourself the stress by packing your essentials in just a carry-on. 

Left-Paris rooftops are shown through a green curtain.
Right-A dark haired woman leans back on a column. She wears jeans, a black blazer, and black sneakers.
Left: Emily Taubert / Right: Marina Mustaparta

To make the most of your space, start with the proper luggage. The right carry-on suitcase is stylish and practical. Invest in a proper sized bag that is lightweight and rolls easily (bonus for interior or exterior pockets). Packing cubes are the key to making the most of your space. Use them to keep your clothes organized, wrinkle free and looking their best. 

Along with your carry-on suitcase, you’ll need a large, zippered tote bag. This classic Longchamp bag can take you from the plane to the city. Use your tote to store valuables, flat shoes, toiletries, or accessories. 

Left- A woman in a trench coat stands on a rooftop.
Right- A woman stands in all black in a Paris street.
Left: @paris.with.me / Right: @lise_frt

What should actually be in your carry-on? Blend in à la femme Parisienne by building your capsule travel wardrobe around classic neutral colors, cultivating an effortless look to take you from day to night.

Left- Paris rooftops are shown in a golden light.
Right- A red haired woman wears dark clothing, a white scarf, and carries small leather bag.
Left: @jonathan.bdelaunay / Right: Longchamp

Chic Carry-on Essentials 

A classic trenchcoat


Black trousers

A white and black t-shirt

Black dress

Textured white button-down shirt

Cashmere sweater

Blazer – let your personality play a bit here

Pajama, socks, and undergarments 

White sneakers

Tan ballet flat or loafer

Black heels

Left- A woman wearing sunglasses looks over her shoulder in a white blouse and black bottom. 
right- A woman standws in a black coat looking at a Paris building.
Left: Mina Gajovic / Right: @paris_maville

To make the most of your Parisian look, do as the French and accessorize.  Une petite clutch performs double duty as an evening purse, and keeps your tote bag organized.  Silk scarves, interchangeable jewelry, and, of course, a red lipstick are all you need.  Don’t forget a small umbrella – this is Paris after all. Finally, don’t leave home without Sink Suds. This compact laundry detergent is a lifesaver.

Left- A woman stands in jeans and a cream shirt on a black and white tiled floor. 
Right- A woman stands in front of a blue door in Paris. She wears black trousers and a cream sweater.
Ines Heli

Et voilà.  You will be sipping your champagne in no time.

Left- Roof tops are shown through an open window in Paris. 
Right- A young woman sits on steps wearing black jeans, a black blazer, and a white baseball cap. She sits next to a Chanel bag.
Left: Clarisse Croset / Right: @marinergnt

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Left- The Eiffel Tower stands aganist a gray sky.
Right- A woman is dressed in a gray beret, gray cashmere sweater, black shorts, black tights, and black boots.
Left: @manon_hck / Right: @marinergnt


Amy Jacobson

Originally from New York, Amy spends her time dreaming of croissants la vie Parisienne. Passionate about culture, history, and new experiences, Amy fulfills her Wanderlust dreams by globe trotting with her husband and 2 home schooled children, while documenting it along the way. Amy adores the ballet, books, hunting in the brocantes of Paris, and all things skincare. When staying closer to home Amy loves cuddling her 3 cocker spaniels and 2 ponies.


  1. I love this! I’m going for 5 days, from New York to Paris, and only bringing a carry-on (real carry on size, not trying to cram a huge suitcase into an overhead). I have black pants, blue bootcut jeans, black cardigan, a soft white long sleeved shirt, sleeveless ruffled shirt (for under cardigan), tan cashmere sweater. Two fancy going out tops that take little space. PJs, undies, limited toiletries (red lipstick!). A few statement pieces of jewelry (in my purse) and an empty cross-body bag. Packing heels and one pair of ankle boots. Wearing on the plane: black jeans, sweater, tee shirt, sneakers and heavy coat (because it will be cold there). Tempting to throw in more, but I have no interest in spending time at baggage claim! On the way back… perhaps….

  2. may i ask; what would you add for 5 days and 7 days [no friends, unable to wash cloths except knickers in shower?, limited to dump bag or extras with] i’m a bit old and grey; fairly boring

  3. I wonder how long the trip is for? A weekend? I’m going to Europe for 3 weeks. How can you live out of a carryon for that long? Plus I will want to make purchases.

  4. The example here seems suited for an extended weekend in Paris with friends AND IF you live in one of the neighboring countries. Also, feels

  5. Packing-the bag is too heavy. Lots of flights allow only 7kg 14 pounds total on the flight. The tote is stuffed and enormous. Heavy, awkward and would make you look inexperienced as a traveler.

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