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Long walks along the Seine, beautiful sunsets, light drenched streets, the feel of crisp golden leaves under your feet, Autumn in Paris is truly spectacular. Cool, fresh mornings are met by warm Indian summer afternoons.

HiP Paris Blog, Aisling Greally, Fall Fashion 2

The kind of weather when you crave layers and those essential pieces to take you from warm to cold and from day to night.

HiP Paris Blog, Aisling Greally, Fall Fashion

Cosy 2 Go
To start the season in style, find the cosiest café, order a warm café crème and wrap up in a snug sweater. As cosy as it is chic, a cashmere sweater, slightly oversized, worn with jeans, flats or biker boots will take you seamlessly from café to bistro and right through to Spring.

HiP Paris Blog, Aisling Greally, Fall Fashion

Black on Black
Add the right amount of Parisian panache with elegant boots and bags. Biker, bootie, high, low, the boot is a guaranteed Parisian essential for this time of year. A slouchy black bag paired with an elegant bootie is perfect for Sunday strolls in the parks and around les Marchés aux Puces.

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A Crisp Classic
A crisp white shirt can go from day to night. For a classic Paris day look, layer up with blue jeans, boots/flats and a trench. In the evening rock it up with slinky black trousers, heels and a clutch. On warmer days a white shirt with jeans, shades and flats is working smart.

HiP Paris Blog, Aisling Greally, Fall Fashion

Carin Olsson

The Allure of the Trench
From the magical movies of Audrey Hepburn to the effortless style of Ines de La Fressange the trench is timeless, feminine and oh so covetable! It’s become a dependable Paris staple in all seasons and great for dealing with unpredictable weather. To a morning meeting or cocktails in the evening, in any event you can bet on and belt up in Le Trench.

The Blazer

An official item of the Paris fashion week uniform (just think Emmanuel Alt). Covet with cropped skinny jeans, a perfect black tee, heels and you are perfectly tailored for the season. Trade the blazer for a black biker jacket if you`re feeling more Marlon Brando.

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A final French Touch
For a final fall touch, inject a bit of personal sparkle with playful accessories. Add your own style with a personalized necklace, a vintage find, a print or patterned bag, an old soft scarf or cozy wooly socks.

HiP Paris Blog, Aisling Greally, Fall Fashion

When chillier days set in, a good coat, an oversized cardigan or a cape are great cover ups. A fine cashmere scarf is always a treat for fall and for more glamorous moments, paint on a brush of deep red lacquer.

HiP Paris Blog, Aisling Greally, Fall Fashion

Well, it is Paris after all and who knows who you may bump into!

HiP Paris Blog, Aisling Greally, Fall Fashion

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Written by Aisling Greally for the HiP Paris Blog. All photos by Aisling Greally unless credited otherwise. Looking for a fabulous vacation rental in Paris, London, Provence, or Tuscany? Check out Haven in Paris.


Aisling Greally

Aisling is an ardent explorer of hidden places and hideouts in Paris. She is the founder of the site TrésorParisien where she shares her stories of discovery and her adventures in Paris.


  1. Hey i lovvvvvveee the girl in the grey oversized jumper with black jeans, i just wonderded if you knew where she bought it from as i would love to buy one myself. i love your posts btw 🙂

  2. Does anyone know what brand of boots the woman carrying the striped shopping bag is wearing? They look so comfortable and effortless! She’s next to the woman in the trench coat. Thanks in advance!

  3. Aisling,
    love you tips refreshingly presented. well done must check in more often.
    Hope you are doing well.
    Catch up soon,
    Catherine x

  4. Please don`t get me wrong, but for my taste these are all so masculine looking and from what i saw and heard from French women, they are a prototype of femininity.

  5. Fantastic piece with amazing ideas to make the autumn wardrobe more stylish. Can’t wait to read the next piece

  6. What an inspiring post! Not only I feel like dressing up a little bit but also I want to go to Paris right now!

  7. This is excellent advice! I’ll be heading to France in a couple of weeks and will definitely be using all these inspirations. Hello, Pinterest.
    Your Friend, Jess

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