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Picture Perfect: A Tale of Paris in the Spring

by Rebecca Plotnick
Written By

Rebecca Plotnick

Rebecca Plotnick is an observer by nature and sees the world through her lens, frame by frame. She has been documenting the city of Paris since 2010 as a full time photographer. Rebecca also writes a blog called Every Day Parisian, which is a great resource for Francophiles planning a trip to Paris or dreaming of one. View Rebecca Plotnick's Website

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10 comments on “Picture Perfect: A Tale of Paris in the Spring

Silviu-Florin S.

Wondrous moments of atonement in Paris. I felt them too a few years ago…and there is nothing like the spring blossom in Paris…

This takes me back to my last spring time in Paris! This is definitely the most breathtaking time of year there. Oh how I miss it! Here are some of my own photos from when I was living there, just around the corner from le Jardin du Luxembourg:

Smiles and all the best,

susan hutchinson (@fleurishing)

I was lucky enough to experience a hint of spring during my visit…so beautiful! Is there anything better than April in Paris?!

The blossom this year is just beautiful, such stunning photographs! The warm weather this year has given us a fabulous spring!…xv

Every scene is more gorgeous than the next. I can’t wait for Spring to arrive here, although it won’t be as lovely as Paris. Very exciting time of year, especially to be in Paris. Thanks for sharing.

Loving every moment of this wonderful spring in Paris. Thanks Rebecca for capturing it so nicely.

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