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Dining out in Paris with Kids: One Ex-Pat Mom’s Experience

I wish there was the perfect how-to guide to dining out with kids. Well, other than “Don’t do it. Stay home and cook.”...Bouncing back and forth from America to France several times a year, I’m
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Living, Loving, Learning: An American Photographer on Starting a New Life in Paris

Four years ago, Marjorie Preval did what many have aspired to do: she left behind her life in New York and moved herself and her daughter Kailin
by Marjorie Preval
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Expat Special: What To Do With One Month in Paris

Piyapat Ch You’re about to realize your dream: living in Paris for a month. You found an apartment, booked your flight, and learned how to ask
by Nicole Gustin
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December 6: Book Signing and Wine Tasting with David Lebovitz, Heather Stimmler-Hall, Keith Spicer

If you happen to be wandering by the Louvre on December 6th and find yourself wishing you had your Parisian second cousin on hand to point you in
by Genevieve Sandifer