Parisian Beauty: Where To Find Iconic French Skincare Products Online

  Making Magique It has long been a generally accepted fact that French women don’t get fat. It is now also increasingly accepted that they don’t succumb to spots and wrinkles either.
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Bio Chic: Our Favorite Organic Beauty Boutiques in Paris

Senteurs de Fée It’s no secret that French girls love their products. Here in Paris, you can find a cream, serum or supplement for just about
by Paige Bradley Frost
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Parisian Beauty: Our Favorite Spots For Pampering Yourself On-the-Go in Paris

How do you survive in a city with all these beauties walking around in broad daylight? I have a few tricks up my sleeve. A quick beauty fix at
by Carin Olsson
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French Beauty Tips: 12 French Pharmacy Items We Can’t Do Without

Making Magique Having grown up on CVS and Walgreens, the French pharmacy was a revelation to me. Anyone who has ever been lured by the glowing
by Tory Hoen