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Living Like a Local: How To Spend Sunday in Paris (Part III)

Parisians take relaxing very seriously. France is world renowned for its 35-hour workweek, its terrace coffee sipping, August vacations, people watching and sleepy Sundays, bien sûr! Here are
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Ici-même + Gallerie Graphem: Wine Meets Art in Paris’ 12th Arrondissement

What happens when two fine art graduates of the prestigious École du Louvre team up with a French wine expert? A cadre made in French heaven: a
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Strolling Through Paris, Part I: An Outdoor Itinerary in the 12ème Arrondissement

The summer is one of the best times explore the city in all its splendor. However, some of the city’s best places for strolling are packed with
by Lily Heise
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Pass the cheese! Paris’ Best Outdoor Picnic Spots Part 2

Riverside picnicking by the Seine (Malias) Summer is at last upon us, and with it comes the opportunity to partake in the favorite past time of
by Anthony Cuthbertson
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24 Hours Paris: Marsha Moore’s Alternative New Guide Book

Little Brown Pen – Rue Montorgueil When Marsha Moore contacted me in April about her upcoming Paris guide book 24 Hours Paris, (note: To
by Erica Berman
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Paris’ Hidden Gems: Secret Movie Locations

Lisa Weatherbee – Hotel Du Nord NOT the Eiffel Tower. We’ve seen it so many times! From the Lumière Brothers’ 1897 Panorama to Merchant
by Badaude
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La Promenade Plantée: Walk on Air!

Guest blogger Simone Blaser takes us on a walk along Paris’ elevated promenade, a spectacular place to stroll, even in winter! Promenade
by HiP Paris
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If You’ve Got an Hour to Spare Between Trains in Paris…

Guest blogger Richard Nahem (of Eye Prefer Paris tours) offers insider tips for eating, drinking, shopping and strolling within minutes of the
by HiP Paris