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Au Merveilleux de Fred: A Meringue Bakery in Paris

by Rosa Jackson
Written By

Rosa Jackson

Rosa Jackson is a Canadian-born food writer and cooking teacher based in Nice and Paris. After ten years in Paris, where she wrote about restaurants for a number of guidebooks and magazines and founded the company Edible Paris. She now spends most of her time in Nice where she teaches Provençal cooking in her home. She spends a few days every month in Paris keeping up with restaurants, conducting food tours, and sampling the finest patisseries and chocolates. View Rosa Jackson's Website

26 comments on “Au Merveilleux de Fred: A Meringue Bakery in Paris

I’ve always liked meringue, but these just took me over the top. I’m sitting here in a coma licking the last bit of chocolate and meringue from my lips…

Delicious doesn’t even begin to describe these… they are… an experience to be savored.

I think since this was written one was opened near where we stayed near the Latin Quarter/St. Germain. My husband came back from a morning coffee run to tell me about a “bakery” he saw and the next day, we bought two of the mini puffs to share – one coffee and one chocolate. There were four of us and let me tell you, those little tastes disappeared in the blink of an eye. Ethereal and unbelievable.

But, do you know the “marvellous” new: The next pastry shop “Aux Merveilleux de Fred” will open in London the 5th of february, 2013, in South Kensington. You will find each of the Merveilleux, every flavours, every shapes (mini, single, pie) and also our brioches “cramiques”. I hope you will enjoy this new.

Feel free to comment. I will be very happy to give further informations about adress and date 🙂

jaqueline sebben cembrani


Melody Thomas-Morgan

Am speechless!

Maria @ Scandifoodie

These photos look fantastic! I wish I was in France!!

Ok!I need to drop everything and move to Paris and work in a pastry shop. YUM!!!

I discovered some time ago your website and felt in love with the beautiful images…That why I also added your website on my Favorite Blog List… I hope I can one day realise a stay in one of your appartments or cottages… The Meringue Bakery looks great and as I love sweets….. And I have seen that you discussed the difference between french and american I think there is also an obvious difference in sweets and the way in presenting them, no ?
Have a nice day

I am back in Paris and ready to check out Fred and his merveilles. Merci Rosa! And merci Julien for the amazing photos. Erica

I just found your blog through Lindsey’s Lost in Cheeseland! I LOVE your blog already! Will keep reading and i will def. include you on my blog roll!!!

If I had a dream bakery / patisserie, Au Merveilleux de Fred is the kind I would have in my dreams! This place is gorgeous! The pastries are gorgeous! I am definitely bookmarking this for my future Paris trips! A real treasure!

Extraordinary photos! I agree – I’m not a huge macaron fan – too popular, too fashionable.


Hi Rosa and your yummy meringues,Ive awarded you the stylish bloggers award please see my blog 161 for details fay x

These are some of the most delectable photos I have ever seen! I would LOVE LOVE to go back to Paris and try these delicious airy clouds!

I agre with nmaha…I am so jealous of the lives you HIP Paris girls lead!


Yummmmm! These are fantastic mouth watering photos!!!

Oh my, in love, can there be anything better? meringues in any shape, flavor or form!

Art by Karena

ZOMG – YUM! I am so there on my next visit. I *love* meringue – in hard form, in pie form, in any form!

I passed the 16eme location before leaving Paris a couple months ago… yes, you read that right: I PASSED it! I didn’t sample! What was I thinking? Now I’m kicking myself twice as hard!

Wonderful pictures Julian! Makes me wish I was back there now.

Mmmm delicious, my mouth is watering!

Oh, my goodness, absolutely delicious! Great images…oh, Paris, swoon! xoxo Beth

Is it acceptable to say I’d love to have a life like yours?

I love meringues! Thanks for letting us know about these addresses – I’m very excited to try them out!

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