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A Paris Classic: Harry’s New York Bar

by Kate Ross
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Kate Ross

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8 comments on “A Paris Classic: Harry’s New York Bar

Bunny from Couleur Nature

It’s a hot day in the States, and I’m wishing I could spend the rest of the afternoon at Harry’s sipping on a bloody Mary. Shoot – you’ve made me thirst. . .Thanks for the reminder of a great place.

I love these photos. Harry’s is on my list the next time I visit Paris. I’ll admit, I usually do get sucked into the ‘summers in Paris’ sitting outside at cafes, but I like the different-time, different-place feel this place has. And NY hot dogs! 🙂

We loved going to Harry’s New York Bar during our visit to Paris last August. It was like stepping into a little piece of history.

I really want to visit too. It’s on my list for my next stop in Paris! 🙂 -Maggie

I can’t believe I still haven’t been here. Next time, Harry, it’s a date!

I’m usually against doing anything non-French while in Paris, but I absolutely love the sound of this!!

After all these years, I have never been. I guess I must get on over there one of these days. Thanks for the wonderful piece Kate. – Erica

Michael Stewart

Very nice piece on Harry’s. It’s been a while since I was last there, but it remains my Parisian home-away-from-home. As a member of the International Bar Flies (IBF), I think of Harry’s as a civilized place for civilized people.

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