Vegetarian-friendly Paris: Successfully Navigating the Dining Scene

by Amy Thomas
Written By

Amy Thomas

Amy Thomas is a sweets-obssessed writer based between New York and Paris. She penned the Sweet Freak column for Metro newspaper and has written about Paris' best chocolatiers (New York Times), desserts for two (Time Out New York), chocolate for guys (Rachel Ray) and the best hot chocolate in the city (Metro). Check for updates from Amy on her blog, God I Love Paris. View Amy Thomas's Website

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11 comments on “Vegetarian-friendly Paris: Successfully Navigating the Dining Scene

Maria @ Scandi Foodie

Thank you! I’m a vegan and traveling to France next month on a honeymoon! I will definitely check this place out, thanks!

Great advice, Amy! I’m a vegetarian in Paris, and with a bit of strategic planning, like you explain, eating well here is absolutely possible.

I thought being a vegetarian in Paris would be difficult but it was actually quite easy! Near my apartment in the 3rd, vegetarian food was so readily available — Rose Bakery, Chez Omar, Cococook, Bob’s Kitchen, Candelaria, Tartes Kluger, and Sushi Shop were some of my favorites. There’s a stand in le Marché des Enfants Rouges on rue de Bretagne that serves a great vegetarian crepe filled with fresh greens, avocado, and creamy goat cheese, drizzled with honey. For a phenomenal 3 course French vegetarian meal, I loved L’Homme Tranquille, a charming little restaurant in Montmarte. Or you can always enjoy a dinner of a crusty baguette and cheese or a crepe with Nutella, like I often did 🙂

Genevieve Sandifer

Linda: Good point! Adding Pousse-pousse to the list…

My goodness, Rose Bakery and Bob’s Juice Bar and not Pousse-Pousse, 7 rue notre dame de Lorette ?

This all looks delicious. I can’t wait to go to Chez Omar!

Paris Karin (an alien parisienne)

What a great write up on eating veg in Paris! I loved this line: “Being a vegetarian in a place that eats pigeon, adores offal, and extols a head to tail philosophy (that is, Paris) requires Napoleonic strategizing.”

Very true, lol. Now, take the dairy and anything with gluten in it out of the picture and you’ve got my diet (how I need to eat based on food allergies as well as ethical choices). It is not easy, but I am finding it can be possible, and Amy’s suggestions are key to eating well in Paris when on a restricted diet, by choice or otherwise.

Thank you, Haven in Paris, for sharing this write-up by Amy!

You can also find a list of veggie and vegfriendly restaurants in Paris (and all over the world) on

Nice set of addresses – thanks:)

I always found the best soups, salads and pastas all over Paris.
Of course, sometimes the memory of the chocolate stands out more than , say , dinner at Thoumieux 🙂

I’m a French vegetarian living in London, thank you so much for these useful tips !

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