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Finding Love in Paris: Snagging A Frenchman Is Easier Than You Think

by Regina Joan Grangé
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Regina Joan Grangé

After moving all over the US as a child, Regina left a promising career in politics to pursue her childhood dream to move to Paris. It isn't a fairy-tale every day, but she and her Prince Charming are working on their happily ever after. She is a freelance teacher, translator and editor. You can find updates from her life on her blog, Life Like in Paris. (Regina's photo by Summer Street Photography) View Regina Joan Grangé's Website

21 comments on “Finding Love in Paris: Snagging A Frenchman Is Easier Than You Think

Virginia Taglavore


I have a few years to learn survival French through a language exchange. I plan to stay in Paris for one month to work on my fiction. Is there a way to rent a Frenchman for a date (no sex, just conversation and a dinner). I know this looks like a joke, but I don’t know how to meet a Frenchman. I am 51 now. I am quite quirky, and love it, but I am shy around all men. Pretty pitiful for a romance writer. Merci. Au revoir. Virginia

Great blog, Regina! Great advice and beautiful pictures! I too managed to snag a Frenchman — and brought him home with me. It has been a grand adventure. You can read our story at

I snagged a French man almost two years ago lost at the Saint Michel / Notre Dame RER line. He’s the best thing that has ever happened to me and after a lot of back and forth, we will be getting married this year. He is the first and only French guy I have dated but if the other are anything like he is,…American men better watch out.

Carin Olsson (HiP Paris)

Haha, thank you for sharing your adorable story Holly! And congratulations on getting married.

I like it whenever people come together and share opinions.
Great site, stick with it!

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I love your blog. I could spend all day reading it and dreaming of my next visit. I’m so glad I’ve found it

I had never really seen it this way. And though I’m not american I can relate. Just yesterday I was talking with a friend about the fact that french girls tend to be a bit “negative” (of course not all) and when guys meet a girl who is enthusiastic and is willing to experience new thing they feel it’s refreshing
Great post!

Loved this article, and I completely agree with you. I lived in Marseille for 3 months when I turned 21, and the French boys loved me–not because I was sexy and stylish (the least sexy and stylish I’ve ever felt in my life being around those beautiful women), but because I was adventurous (apparently French girls only like to “shop”), loved to eat (according to them French girls “won’t eat because they are afraid of getting fat”), and I was from Los Angeles! I loved those Marseille boys 😉

I’ve heard that this is the best way to improve my French, too! Ha. It’s really too bad I’m already dating a German guy in Paris 😉

I love this article! When I lived in Paris for a summer in 2002 I found love with a Frenchman for many of the reasons you highlighted below. It’s a fun article that allows one to dream and fantasize their experience in Paris!

@Wafgs: 🙂 Have you ever tried the Swiss women? LOL We’re great…. in nearly every way!(just kidding)

what a lovely and beautifully written article this is! I so agree and not being american doesn’t matter. I always said that being oneself (at his/her best bien sûre) is the surest way to lead a happy partnership. Don’t pretend to be something you aren’t and can’t be; you’re wonderful the way you are.

Thank You for this uplifting post with the most wonderful collection of pixies.

Milsters @ Little Pieces of Light

I absolutely loved this article. So so so true!! Foreigners in Paris (Americans and otherwise – I fall in the “otherwise” column) are just as seductive as Parisiennes. Only in a different way. 🙂



I would love a mariage pour convenience if these Frenchmen are all that easy!!!!!!! Please email me!

Love this. Thanks

Having “snagged” more than one frenchman in my day and now happily living life with the winner, I could not agree with you more. If I could I would add to this, learn his language even if you are not very good at it….he will love you for it.

Maryanne, You are right on! I have been living with a Frenchman for 9 years and I speak fluent French. He hates it when people we know do not make the effort to learn the language. He is so happy and proud when the do! Bravo – Erica

I seem to go along with almost everything that is written inside “HiP Paris Blog

Love it.
As I live in New York, I might have a chance 🙂

What about for guys

How about an article for men to snag a French women?

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