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Le Café des Chats: Cat Cafe Arrives in Paris

by Elise Marafioti
Written By

Elise Marafioti

Elise was born and raised in New York where she pursued a career in classical and modern dance. During a hiatus from performing, she moved to Paris and attended the American University of Paris. After living in more than six different arrondissements over the years, soaking up as much of Paris as possible, she returned to New York. Throughout the years, Elise has taken every opportunity to return to Paris and has also traveled extensively throughout Europe. View Elise Marafioti's Website

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24 comments on “Le Café des Chats: Cat Cafe Arrives in Paris

A great read, we are looking forward to checking out the establishment, it sounds like a purrrfect way to spend a saturday afternoon.

Wonderful article! Shared on our FB page. 🙂

Carin Olsson (HiP Paris)

Thank you!

I expected the decoration of a cat café to be a lot cuter…! Hmmm. Those cats must be exhausted from constant attention 🙁

I will be in Paris in a months’ time.. Definitely stopping by here. LOVE IT!

Carin Olsson (HiP Paris)

Hope you’ll have a great time in Paris and at the cat café then Sarah!

Sounds gorgeous!! I love cats! Heading to Paris in January and hope to see these lovely felines!!

Carin Olsson (HiP Paris)

We do too! Hope you’ll have a great time there during your trip in January Marianne.

The real question is, do they have a basket of lint rollers at the door?

Carin Olsson (HiP Paris)

Haha, yes, that’s a very valid question Diane!

What a fun idea for cat lovers!…sounds great!…xv

Carin Olsson (HiP Paris)

Yes we really think so too 🙂

Me encantan los gatos!!!, es una gran idea, cuando este por Paris pasaré por Cat café
un saludo

Oh boy!!! This is the first stop on our next trip!

Carin Olsson (HiP Paris)

Happy you liked the suggestion Astrid 🙂

What a fantastic idea! will definitely visit next time I’m in Paris!

Carin Olsson (HiP Paris)

That sounds like a great idea Barbara!

Mardi (eat. live. travel. write.)

I’ll be heading here on my next trip that’s for sure! What an awesome idea!

Carin Olsson (HiP Paris)

Yes, we’re going back soon as well 🙂 Hope you’ll enjoy your next trip to Paris!

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