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A Transatlantic Life: Williamsburg, Brooklyn vs. Ile St Louis, Paris

by Doni Belau
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Doni Belau

Doni Belau is the founder and creator of Girls’ Guide to Paris, a website and online guide to Paris. This September her new book, Paris Cocktails, was published by Cider Mill Press. Join Doni on Dec. 2nd at New York's Le District for a book signing, cocktail tasting, and holiday party planning event or in Chicago at Debi Lily’s Parisian Loft on Dec. 9th. Tickets required. View Doni Belau's Website

14 comments on “A Transatlantic Life: Williamsburg, Brooklyn vs. Ile St Louis, Paris

We are currently living in Williamsburg and love it. However, we will be relocating to Paris in a few months for work. What neighborhoods/arrondissements are most similar to Williamsburg in your opinion?

This place is amazing, I want to go for a Brooklyn trip soon. Thanks for this great post.

Love this comparison + I appreciate not wanting to be pigeonholed…being a Libra I find myself very much in your position! I like bot classic and modern, elegant and rough. Contrast makes life interesting.

Wonderful photos, very inspiring. I guess these two ways of living are so different you can’t really chose between them. The ancient charm of Paris vs the modern and trendy NYC !

Very inspiring! I am living in Paris now, but am planning my first trip to Brooklyn in August!

Carin Olsson (HiP Paris)

Have a great time in Brooklyn!

Life is short. Why choose if you don’t have to? I love how you framed both places positively instead of pitting one against the other. So much to love in both places.

Carin Olsson (HiP Paris)

Glad you liked the post Megan!

French Country Gal

LOVE it!! I am a Brooklyn girl now living in Maryland in a D.C. Suburb, but there is something about Brooklyn, even if you have to leave it, it never leaves you and there are times that I do miss it, but I do love it here too. Of course, I’ve never lived in Paris and would love to even if it’s just for a few months.

Carin Olsson (HiP Paris)

We love Brooklyn as well. Hope you’ll get to come to Paris soon!

Great post! I will be staying on the Ile St. Louis and can’t wait! I feel that I would also love to go to Williamsburg/Brooklyn. Thanks!

Carin Olsson (HiP Paris)

Hope you’ll have a great time on Île Saint Louis Trisha.

I really enjoy your site and special finds around paris. I am a huge francophile myself. If you ever wanted to pay writers to go exploring and writing for you I specialize in french church history, cathedrals and saints and would love to write a column for you:-) Hope to meet you one day.
All the best- a bientot,
Cynthia Louise Butler

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