Anti-Gaspillage: France Rallies Against Food Waste

by Emily Dilling
Written By

Emily Dilling

Emily Dilling is a France based writer and author of My Paris Market Cookbook: A Culinary Tour of French Flavors and Seasonal Recipes. In 2005 Emily moved to Paris from her native California and began exploring the cities markets, restaurants, and cafés. In 2010 she founded the blog Paris Paysanne, where she writes about her favorite addresses and artisans in the city. Emily currently lives in the Loir-et-Cher region of France, where she writes and works in the grapevines. View Emily Dilling's Website

One comment on “Anti-Gaspillage: France Rallies Against Food Waste

The idea that stores would deliberately contaminate food to keep hungry people with no resources from eating it is so morally repugnant that I shocked there hasn’t been a hue and cry before this. Do they honestly think they increase their profit (always the ONLY motivation) by denying what they consider garbage to someone desperate enough to dumpster dive? Really?

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