We're Hiring!

A Summer Internship with The HiP Paris Blog

by HiP Paris

We're Hiring! A Summer Internship with HiP Paris Blog

Isabel Miller-Bottome

Who doesn’t love Paris in the summer? From afternoon picnics in the Jardin de Luxembourg to sunset walks along the Seine, the City of Light is the perfect place to linger in the long summer months. And here comes the best news: HiP Paris Blog is looking for their next editorial intern for a dedicated summer internship.

We're Hiring! A Summer Internship with HiP Paris Blog

Amélien Bayle

Want to learn about the behind-the-scenes aspects of running a successful blog? We’re looking for an enthusiastic Anglophone to help with everything from prepping blog posts, sourcing photos for articles, editing images, and more.

Not to mention you’ll also have the opportunity to pitch, write, and photograph your own pieces for HiP Paris, whether it be reporting on exhibitions and exciting events around the city, checking out cool new cafés and restaurant openings, or keeping your ears open for the latest trends and fashions, all the while taking photos of everything.

We're Hiring! A Summer Internship with HiP Paris Blog

Julien Haler

Think you’re a great fit and available to start late spring/early summer? Find more information on the HiP Paris Blog Editorial Intern position here.

If interested in applying, simply send a cover letter, CV, and 2-3 samples of editorial work to [email protected]. If you don’t have any published editorial work yet, please send us a list of some of your favorite blogs and/or photography websites that you feel define your personal aesthetic.

We're Hiring! A Summer Internship with HiP Paris Blog

We're Hiring! A Summer Internship with HiP Paris Blog

Vancouver Public Space; Isabel Miller-Bottome
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2 comments on “A Summer Internship with The HiP Paris Blog

Oh, and I meant to say that this sounds like a wonderful opportunity. Unfortunately I can’t take it up, but all the best to the successful candidate!

Nicole Lamond


On my return from a recent – and my first – trip to Paris I wrote a blog piece about my conversion to French Kissing (the one peck on each cheek variety). It is a lighthearted piece written for people who want to visit France, and people who love French culture. I’d be happy to post links to your blog from FB etc.

If you would like to consider it for your blog, let me know and it I’d be delighted to forward it to you.


Nicole Lamond
[email protected]

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