For the best artisanal ice cream in Paris, go to Une Glace à Paris, and order a creative fruit-sprinkled chocolate lolly (left) or a skinny-cone ice cream (right).
Strawberry Hibiscus, Asparagus with Anise Wood, Turmeric, Matcha Green Tea…these may sound like menu items from the super star pastry chefs like Pierre Hermé or Sadaharu Aoki but in fact these creative flavor combinations have nothing to do with macarons or high end pâtisserie. In order to find these inventive arômes head not to a fancy bakery but to Une Glace à Paris, a specialty ice cream shop forging ahead into the frozen desert frontier in France.

One of the best ice cream shops in Paris is Une Glace à Paris for its fruity, creative flavors.

One of the best artisanal ice cream shops in Paris is Une Glace à Paris and it also offers pretty ice cream cakes.For the best homemade ice cream in Paris with creative flavors go to Une Glace à Paris.If Une Glace à Paris is a sign of things to come, imaginative ice cream is the next big thing in the world of pastry, and what better place than Paris to indulge in a stroll-around-the-city friendly cone? The chain, which now has shops in the Marais and Montmartre, is the brainchild of pastry chefs Emmanuel Ryon and Olivier Menard, who began serving scoops of their unique ice cream in 2015.

One of the best places to go for homemade ice cream in Paris in summer is Une Glace à Paris for its fruity flavors including a fresh strawberry cup (left) and delicious skinny ice cream cones (right).Using high quality ingredients, Ryon and Menard take milk, cream, and eggs to the next level using roots (licorice, turmeric), shoots (asparagus, buckwheat) flowers (lavender, chamomile), and much, much more. Adventurous foodies will find out of the ordinary flavors to try while ice cream traditionalists will delight in a perfectly executed scoop of chocolate or vanilla.

One of the best ice cream shops in Paris for its creative flavors is Une Glace à Paris.


As well as the best artisanal ice cream in Paris, Une Glace à Paris also offers beautiful and delicious ice cream cakes and desserts.

Une Glace à Paris

15 rue saint Croix de la Bretonnerie 75004 Paris
+33 01 49 96 98 33
44 rue des Abbesses 75018 Paris
+33 01 42 57 33 40

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Written by Emily Dilling for the HiP Paris Blog. Photographs courtesy of Une Glace à Paris. Looking for a fabulous vacation rental in Paris, London, Provence, or Tuscany? Check out Haven in Paris.


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