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  • Best smartphone applications for exploring Paris

    12 Paris Apps That Make Exploring the City of Light Easier

    Whether you’re a visitor or a Paris resident, there are always new spots to explore. These days, few people carry guidebooks or maps, but chances are you do have a smartphone in your pocket. When it comes to navigating Paris, here are a few apps that make discovering this city easier.

  • Societé Parisienne de Bière: The best stop for French craft beer and microbrews in Paris

    Société Parisienne de Bière: The Newest Stop for French Craft Beer Lovers

    Craft beer lovers have until recent years found it hard to find a good selection of their favorite drink, Paris being more prone to the industrial beer names like Heineken and 1666 than small scale microbrewers. Thanks to passionate French entrepreneurs, that is thankfully changing.

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    The Four Best Bike Rides Spanning the Paris City Limits

    A bicycle provides the perfect tempo for exploring a city. You can get from point A to point B faster than you would walking, but it’s slow enough that you get to take in the scenery in a way that riding a bus or the subway never allows. Here are some of the best bike rides around the City of Light.

  • HiP Paris Blog, Biking in Paris, Anna Brones

    Paris on Two Wheels: Our Tips for Navigating the City of Light by Bicycle

    You’re in Paris. The sun is out, a cool breeze is blowing, café terraces and park lawns are full of sunbathing Parisians. The city is waiting to be explored, and you got up early enough that the day seems endless. Today is the perfect day to ride a bicycle. Riding a bike in Paris can in fact be glorious, but if you want to cycle in this city, get ready to do some work.

  • Eating, Drinking, and Shopping in Paris' Batignolles Neighborhood

    Off The Radar: Eating, Drinking and Shopping in Paris’ Batignolles Neighborhood

    Montmartre, the Marais, Canal Saint-Martin; these are all well-known Parisian neighborhoods, their names immediately recognizable to any visitor. But Batignolles? That’s a local, well-kept secret. This mostly-residential neighborhood on the outskirts of the 17th arrondissement is off of the standard beaten tourist track.

  • Nordik Market, HiP Paris Blog, Photo by Nordik Market Facebook

    Nordic Treats: The Best Places to Get a Taste of Scandinavia in Paris

    Paris is having its own love affair with the Nordic countries, and if you want a mini-escape to the cultures of a colder climate, you don’t even have to leave the French capital. From food to fashion, there’s plenty of Scandinavia to be had on the streets of Paris.