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The Finish Institute (Anna Brones)

Clean lines, fresh food, cozy cafes – it is no surprise that so many of us have an obsession with Scandinavia. Paris is having its own love affair with the Nordic countries, and if you want a mini-escape to the cultures of a colder climate, you don’t even have to leave the French capital. From food to fashion, there’s plenty of Scandinavia to be had on the streets of Paris.

Icone, HiP Paris Blog, Photo by Anna Brones

Whether it’s a little grim, gray and rainy out, or you’re treated with blue skies and sun, Le Café Suédois at l’Institut Suédois is equally inviting. This cozy café space in the Swedish Institute in the Marais feels like stepping into any café in Sweden, complete with strong dark filter coffee and plenty of Swedish baked goods.

Nordik Market, HiP Paris Blog, Nordik Market Facebook

Nordik Market

In the summer you can sit in the beautiful courtyard and eat your kanelbulle (cinnamon roll), or come for lunch and order a classic Swedish open-faced sandwich.

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Icone (Anna Brones)

At the Institut Finlandais you’ll find Coutume Institutti, a partnership with local coffee roaster Coutume. The Finns are known for their coffee consumption, and in this typically Scandinavian designed café, you can sit for hours nursing a big cup, catching up on some work on your computer, or simply sitting and feeling a wave of Scandinavian inspiration.

L'Atelier Scandinave, HiP Paris Blog, Anna Brones

L'Atelier Scandinave, HiP Paris Blog, Anna Brones

L’Atelier Scandinave (Anna Brones)

And since we’re in Paris, it’s no surprise that there are several places to test out higher end Scandinavian cuisine. You can head to La Petite Sirène de Copenhague, the perfect place to enter the world of Danish gastronomy. On the Champs-Elysees there is also Flora Danica, part of La Maison du Danemark, which has a Scandinavian brunch every Sunday. Think, lots of smoked fish and dill.

Nordik Market, HiP Paris Blog

A Taste of Scandinavia in Paris

Top photo: Nordik Market & Bottom photo: Käramell

You don’t have to hit the streets of Copenhagen and Stockholm to nail the Scandinavian look. If Scandinavian clothes are what you’re out for, there are several options around town. Icone, a cute boutique on Rue Lamarck in the 18th offers both men’s and women’s clothes and well-known Scandinavian brands like Nudie Jeans.

A Taste of Scandinavia in Paris

Icone, HiP Paris Blog, Photo by Anna Brones

Top image: Käramell & Bottom image: Icone (Anna Brones)

Also near Montmartre (and coming soon to the Marais) is Atelier Scandinave, a haven for anyone with a love of Nordic fashion. And if Viking sweaters are on the list, head to one of Paris’ oldest Scandinavian hubs: Kerstin Adolphson. The store, which has been selling warm Nordic sweaters since 1972, also does Scandinavian classics like clogs and leather satchels.

A Taste of Scandinavia in Paris

Käramell & Nordik Market

Have a sweet tooth? If you’re on your way to Montmartre, you can stop off at Käramell on rue des Martyrs. Just like a Swedish candy shop, you can buy black, salted licorice, and an assortment of other sweet goodies, in bulk, alongside clogs, cozy Swedish blankets, and a host of other Nordic goodies. If baked treats are more what you’re after there’s Maison Le Bon in the 17th.

Finnish Institute, HiP Paris Blog, Anna Brones

L'Atelier Scandinave, HiP Paris Blog, Anna Brones, L'Atelier Scandinave

Top image: Finnish Institute (Anna Brones) & Bottom image: L’Atelier Scandinave (Anna Brones & L’Atelier Scandinave)

With a Swedish baker in charge, you’ll find a lot of Swedish pastry specialties. In the same neighborhood, you can also stop by Affären, a specialty shop for Scandinavian food products that also bakes its own treats.

Le Cafe at Institut Suedois, HiP Paris Blog, Photo by Anna Brones

Le Café Suédois (Anna Brones)

Any Scandinavian lover can’t resist a look at good Scandinavian design, and for that there’s Nordik Market, a concept store in the 3rd that is devoted to Scandinavian design, from gorgeous candle holders to exquisite pieces of Danish modern furniture.

Nordik Market, HiP Paris Blog

Nordik Market

Marimekko lovers should plan for a stop at Finnova. It’s the only place in Paris where you can find more than 100 different fabric designs from the world famous design house, which means you can easily find something that will work for your new window curtains.

Icone, HiP Paris Blog, Anna Brones, Photo by Icone Facebook

Icone (Icone & Anna Brones)

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