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  • Happy New Year 2014! HiP Paris Best Of 2013

    Carin Olsson Before everyone gets a proper start on their New Year’s resolutions, we wanted to take a moment to look back over the past year and to thank all the wonderful and brilliantly talented contributors who help to make this blog what it is. Forest Collins Before launching into all the exciting things we […]

  • Romantic Getaways: Spend Valentine’s Day in Paris

    This year, you could spend Valentine’s day the way you usually do. Or you could go to Europe. No, really. If you were thinking of surprising a certain special someone this Valentine’s Day (yes, even if that special someone is you), we would love to help. Book any Haven in Paris apartment over Valentine’s day […]

  • HiP Paris Best Of 2012: Happy Holidays!

    As this year draws to a close, we want to take this time to thank all our wonderful readers (that’s you!) and the talented writers and photographers who make this blog what it is. We wouldn’t be here without you! A few very important things happened here on HiP Paris in 2012: Paige Frost taught […]

  • Holiday Giveaway: Bound For Anything Custom Journals

    Some people love stationery. A lot. These are the people who browse stationery stores like others do cheese shops, picking up notebooks and greeting cards, smelling, weighing, pressing the pages between their fingers, thrilled by the possibilities within. These people are often diligent list makers, brainstormers, budgeters and recorders of funny expressions overheard in the […]

  • Haven in Paris Goes to London!

    David Jones Pssst… Don’t tell anyone, but we’re making a move. A move to London, our other favorite European city, just as full of great shopping, architecture, art, history, and (almost as much) great food. Francophiles need not fret, though — we’ll still cover Paris’ best hidden secrets, but with a little British flair thrown […]

  • February in Paris: 25% Off Your Very Own Parisian Flat

    Dave Bloom; Rafael Garcia-Suarez; Maggie Battista Winter blues got you down? Nothing a quick trip to Paris can’t fix! Seriously though. Winter is winter in Paris too, but when you can while away the days eating delicious pastries and drinking café crème or mulled wine in a cozy café, it’s easy to become fond of […]

  • Happy Holidays from HiP Paris

    As this wonderful year draws to a close, we can’t help but be grateful for all the amazing things we experienced in 2011: We finally got the 10 never-ending trends of Paris fashion straight – phew, no more fashion no-nos for us! We got savvy to dining etiquette in France We unearthed Paris’ best coffee spots… … and bike shops […]

  • Surviving Valentine’s Day in Paris

    So in love, they don’t even need the sidewalk (Dutotime) You know what I love about February in Paris? Well, for one thing, by some quirk of nature the sky that has been threatening to cave in on Paris for the past 4 months of winter suddenly breaks and Paris is blessed with a few […]

  • Happy New Year and Warm Wishes from HiP Paris

    Paris in Pink Bonne Année! During this time of deep, philosophical soul-searching, buoyed by the imminent successes of 2011, all of the ladies here at HiP Paris would like to take the opportunity to thank you, dear readers, for reading and contributing to our blog. You are what makes this such an amazing journey. We […]

  • We have a crush: Haven in Paris’ New Saint Germain Flat

    Saint Germain – Servandoni 2-bedroom Haven in Paris has just added a gorgeous new apartment to its portfolio – this lovely Servandoni 2-bedroom. Located on a quiet cobble stone street directly between the historic church of Saint Sulpice and the glorious Luxembourg Gardens, the apartment has its own private roof deck, complete with couch, armchairs […]

  • Last-Minute Getaway to Paris: August Specials

    I love Paris in August. Although it gets a little steamy at times, the city empties out of its usual crowds of Parisians as everyone jaunts off to their country homes for the traditional 4-week summer holiday. A strange calm descends over the slanted rooftops and all of a sudden, I don’t have to fight […]

  • Homes: Spotlight on Elzevir, Fabulous Marais Flat

    When I first considered living in the Marais, I was drawn, like most, to its centrality, its tiny cobble stone streets and its fabulous shopping (on Sundays, when the rest of Paris is as good as dead). I was tempted by its offers of falafel and its proximity to Berthillon on the Ile St. Louis. […]

  • Shakespeare & Co Literary Festival: June 18-20 in Paris

    This weekend, don’t miss the Shakespeare & Co literary festival, sponsored by one of Paris’ best English-language bookstores. The theme this year is Storytelling and Politics — with a fantastic roster of English-language writers, it’s the perfect occasion to brush up on a little left-bank expat intellectualizing… And here is the poster, created by Hip […]

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