Holiday Giveaway: Bound For Anything Custom Journals

by Genevieve Sandifer
Written By

Genevieve Sandifer

Genevieve was born in New York City and raised between London and Paris. Genevieve is part of the Haven in Paris team and is the editor of the Hip Paris blog. Unable to stay away from Paris for too long, she now splits her time between New York, Honolulu and Paris, where she keeps tabs on the Haven in Paris properties and service providers and scours the city for great bistros, cocktail bars and vintage stores. View Genevieve Sandifer's Website

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48 comments on “Holiday Giveaway: Bound For Anything Custom Journals

Go into a random bakery and get a croissant. I don’t eat airplane food so I am always hungry as I land. Croissant in Paris is magical. Yum!

The first thing I would do would be to visit Poilane in the 6th to get an apple turnover that I would eat out of hand and then head next door to La Cuisine de Bar to get my favorite tartine! <3

As much as i adore Paris, i believe that big part of what makes a city is the experience that people give you. So, the surprise vacation will start with a surprise call from me to dear locals while i’m losing my breath climbing the stairs which lead to my favorite kir drinking spot in Montmartre, conveniently named ”Au Rendez-Vous des Amis ”

The first thing I would do is grab a croissant aux amandes and a café before heading up to my favorite view in Paris – atop the Sacre Coeur!

Have lunch at Le Marche des Enfants Rouge and then meet my friends for cafe/vin and bobo watching at Le Progres down the street. In the summer stopping at the Square du Temple to watch the adorable well-dressed school children and their incredibly good looking parents.

I’d go ice-skating at the Palais de Tokyo! I wish I’d had time to go before I left but grad school finals kept me pretty under wraps :).

I would run straight to pierre hermé to indulge in some macarons !

I’d definitely check out whatever free exhibit was going on at L’Hotel de Ville, get my hands dirty at a French pastries cooking class at La Cuisine Française nearby, enjoy some baklava and hot mint tea at la Mosquée de Paris, take a walk in the Luxembourg Gardens, taking an especially long pause to appreciate just how beautiful the Medici Fountain is, and then meet up with friends for dinner at one of my favorite restaurants, l’Annexe in the 18°ieme.

My first stop would be for an espresso and some time spent drawing the streets of Paris… Bliss..

I would want to look at the beautiful lights, sipping a cup of hot chocolate, wrapped up in my favorite coat and scarf.

The first thing I would do upon arriving in Paris is go on a derive! There is nothing like getting lost in that magical city, letting your instincts guide you. I find that it’s the best way to uncover the many secret treasures in Paris that keep me falling in love with her!

I would go to Montmartre and Sacre Coeur first to look over the city! I remember how beautiful Paris looks from there! (I also remember the climb up!)

Transported to Paris I want to wander the city and just take it all in.

My favourite “first day” in Paris (that I would totally do again!) was:

Arrive in Paris at an ungodly early morning hour with a good friend, pick up cheese and bread from a local shop and sit at the base of the stairs of Sacré-Cœur Basilica – people watching, eating delicious food with great company. Perfect start to a day after a long flight!

First to the Jardin de Tuileries to soak it in, then off to the Louvre (must go back) then a lunch on the Champs Elysees. Not to forget about a macaron at Laudree. Then, the Cathedral de Notre Dame. When dark, off to the Eiffel Tower, a must see at night, and a nice late supper at Les Deux Magots.

Lynda Dunham-Watkins

Rush to market for a citron tart and cafe’ creme.

Let’s see…since I arrive in Paris at the Gare d’Austerlitz, my first stop would be my fav museum, the Cluny, and a visit to the Lady and the Unicorn tapestry. I would definitely make time to visit Le Rocketship…what a cool idea to create your own journal!

I’m currently living in Paris and my surprise vacation is spending Christmas in New York City..! However if it were reversed and I had the fortune to surprise someone with a vacation to Paris:

The first thing I would is take them on ligne 4 to St. Michel, exit on Rue Saint-André des Arts, wander down the street to experience the sensory overload, walk to Little Breizh to eat some crepes (salé et sucré!). Followed by a walk towards Rue de l’Ecole de Medecine, where we would stop to buy some hot chocolate à emporter to drink at the Luxembourg Garden!

Hot chocolate at Angelina. Mmmmmmm.

It is croissants and coffee for me- cafe au lait of course! Then strolling around the latin quarter to look at fabulous small shops- and as many bookstores as I can find! Then mussels and frites with some white wine- and more strolling as I just love the air and the lights and the architecture and the parks and the shop windows and EVERYTHING about Paris!

I’m flying to Paris tomorrow, actually…I will be racing to Shakespeare and Company and catching up with all my old friends–the books!

the first thing i would do after landing in Paris would be to have lunch at cafe george v on the champs elysees (a tradition) and them head to the Musee Rodin and take in the garden.

Rain, hail or shine, it’s a walk along the river, consuming my body weight in bread.

to the louvre!

cold weather means museums to me!

If I had a surprise trip to Paris, the first thing I would do is eat something quintessentially Parisian.

The first thing I would do…take the metro to Champs Elysees and have some rose and vanilla macaroons and a croissant at Laduree!!

A Surprise vacation to Paris? I would run (yes, RUN) up the steps to Monmarte and the Sacre Coeur Church and just breath it all in, then take out my sketch book and start drawing!

Kristin McNamara Freeman

I would find a cafe with tables on the sidewalk, sit with my journal and write and sketch about my first day in Paris. It would be my goal to capture the life around me as I sip my cafe au lait and have a special sweet dessert while writing.

I’d grab a pain au chocolat quick smart, then jump on a metro to hear a bit of piano accordion. Probably follow this up with a crepe. 🙂

Stop by the nearest Patisserie and get myself a pain au chocolat!

Hmmm…I’d go eat! I love food and other delicious things like…dessert, lunch, breakfast…second breakfast!

How funny-I just bought journals to cover then to give as Christmas gifts. I adore Journals as much as you do + the thrill of putting pen to new pages so excites me. What would I do when first arriving in Paris? I would go to the café at the top of Printemps.

First thing I would do is walk from the Louve through Jardin des Tuileries then through Champs-Elysees all the way to l’Arc de Triomphe!!!

Place Dauphine! I’d bring a journal there and write…it’s a mysteriously quiet sanctuary in the middle of the most beautiful city.

the first thing I do whenever I come in Paris is go to Montmartre… the view from up there..there’s something about it that makes my heart beat stronger, I feel more alive then anywhere else… :))) …

The first thing I would do… is just wander around the city streets and be inspired by the culture, architecture and history. Thank you for the daydream 🙂

My mum just surprised me by saying she’d meet me in Paris for Christmas, so the first thing I’m doing is picking her up at the airport! Second is heading to Le Rocketship, bien sûr!

Upon landing in Paris, the first thing that I would do is find a good boulangerie and eat some of the bread that I spend the rest of the year dreaming about.

Your first paragraph describes me perfectly-i have a chest full of stationary and a collection of journals-love paper- the smell of books -well you get the idea-and yes in my case the “we’ll always have Paris” is true-mon petit copain from way back when i was 17-SUCH SWEET RECOLLECTIONS -le sigh

The first thing I’d do is go to La Maison du Chocolate for a chocolate eclair. They are divine!

We usually get the TGV to Paris, arriving in time for a late lunch. So the first thing I’d do is head for a steak-frites and a glass of red, somewhere with a great view for people-watching!

I’d hit a really local site – when I stayed in Montmartre, my first stop was the cemetary (it was close, and I needed to kill time until the apartment was ready). If I was near Sainte-Chapelle and it was a sunny day, that would be a great place to start. There’s the Tuileries, the Eiffel Tower. Basically, I’d head for the nearest ultra-tourist site!

Since I live here all year round, I’ll say that if someone were to offer me a surprise experience in Paris, it would be to have the Grand Palais temporary ice skating rink reserved entirely for me and my husband (hey, you didn’t say it had to be feasible!) 🙂

Love these notebooks!

The first thing I would do is head over to the café at the top of Printemps to get some caffeine and enjoy the beautiful view!

Oh, these are ridiculously clever and cute.

I’m landing in Paris in about two weeks and while it isn’t a surprise, I know exactly what I would do if I was magically transported to my most fave city: I’d grab my handy journal and wander the streets of Montmarte finding things to write about!

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