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Gluten-Free Dining and Bakeries in Paris: NoGlu and Helmut Newcake

by Meg Gagnard
Written By

Meg Gagnard

Meg is a Denver native gone Parisian. She's American at heart but has been thrown into, adapted to and has succeeded in blending into the Parisian lifestyle over the years. She's a digital ad gal in this city of oh so many lights, filling up her free time wandering unknown paths and streets, riding her bike, taking pictures of lovely things and eating at lots of places. She loves vintage kitchenware, antique markets, clogs, romantic comedies, photobooths, and marzipan. For more snapshots, randomness and stories, check out her blog De quelle planète es-tu? View Meg Gagnard's Website

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13 comments on “Gluten-Free Dining and Bakeries in Paris: NoGlu and Helmut Newcake

Great post. Thanks! There is also the book, The Gluten-Free Guide to France, which lists tons of restaurants where you can eat GF.

Great post! I guess this means I can finally move to Paris. Many thanks.

Thank you for posting this and please continue to feature information about eating gluten free in France. There are a lot of us out here looking for that information.

We were in Paris in June and went to Helmut Newcake. Sadly we arrived around lunchtime and they were sold out of all the good stuff, in fact they were almost cleaned out of pastries 🙁

Thank you! I too have friends that are allergic to gluten who just moved to Paris. Will forward this to them.

THANK YOU! I have been looking forward to my first trip to Paris but am quite nervous about being able to eat gluten free. The recommendations are so much appreciated.

THANK YOU! I am gluten-free and I was beginning to think I would never be able to go to Paris again since pretty much everything there I would want to eat but can’t. Thank you for showing me some options 🙂

Little Pieces of Light

YAY! I’ve been searching for gluten-free bakeries and restaurants in Paris for such a long time. Especially since I have a good friend who is allergic to gluten but loves to visit me in Paris all the time. It’s such a shame she can’t eat half of the things I’d love to show her, but now she can at least have some pleasurable meals and pastries at these places! 🙂


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