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  • The Best Places for Coffee and Cake in Paris

    From charming tea salons to cool contemporary cafés, here are our top places for an afternoon coffee and cake in Paris.

  • Where to Eat Near the Eiffel Tower

    From neighborhood bistros to cutting-edge contemporary cuisine, here are some of the best restaurants near the Eiffel Tower.

  • The Bees (and Honey) of Paris

    There’s been an upswing in apiculture in Paris, with ruches (beehives) in the most unexpected places. With all the buzz around bees, I decided to discover more about beekeeping and the honey of Paris.

  • Paris’ Best New Vegan Restaurants

    From chic bistrots to cool contemporary cafés, here are the some of the best newcomers on the Paris vegan scene.

  • Exploring Paris’ Canal de l’Ourcq

    Over the course of the last decade, a number of great bars and restaurants have popped up along Canal de l’Ourcq. Here’s where you can take in its relaxed charm.

  • Le Relais: Paris’ Newest Locavore Restaurant

    Le Relais is firmly committed to its motto, “the closer, the better,” and uses the best quality ingredients from the nearest producers, including straight from its own roof.

  • Best Green Day Trips from Paris

    With a short day trip from Paris city center you can surround yourself in gorgeous greenery, as well as some history and culture. Here are some of the best day trips for those seeking a peaceful and beautiful escape to nature.

  • The Best Terraces in Paris for an Apéro

    When the weather is nice in Paris, the only place Parisians want to be is en terrasse. Here is a selection of our favorite hangouts across the capital.

  • Where to Have Lunch in the Marais

    The Marais is one of the most popular places to visit in Paris, and with good reason. From tea salons to stylish contemporary venues, here are some of the best restaurants for lunch in the Marais.

  • Paris’ Best (New) Small Plate Addresses

    Parisian dining habits have been changing over the last decade or two, thanks to innovative international chefs. One trend that is sticking, and becoming increasingly popular with French chefs, is small plates.

  • Learning to Love Montmartre

    For me, Montmartre might as well have been on another planet, and one reserved for tourists. But if I was going to make Montmartre my new home, I was going to do it right.

  • What’s New in Paris’ SOPI (South Pigalle) Neighborhood?

    The Parisian district known as SoPi, South Pigalle, has seen a gradual evolution from a somewhat seedy and sleepy residential area bordering the red light district into one of the hippest neighborhood of Paris. This movement is proving to be more than a passing trend thanks to a steady stream of inventive restaurants, contemporary cafés, and original shops.

  • Sequana is a great restaurant for modern French food near Paris' Notre Dame Cathedral in St Germain des Près

    Where to Eat Around Notre Dame in Paris

    Paris has hundreds of fabulous restaurants. Nevertheless, it can be hard to find a good venue among the dining options around Notre Dame, the most visited site in all of Paris. However, if you avoid the mediocre establishments lining the Latin Quarter and drift a little further afield, there are some hidden gems. Enjoy a delicious meal at one of these best restaurants near Notre Dame …