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  • A public toilet photographed from the outside on a Paris street on a sunny day.

    Les Toilettes Parisiennes: What to Know Before You Go

    French potty perils abound. So, we’ve put together this simple guide to help you navigate the waters of les toilettes Parisiennes. As they say, courage.

  • A group of tourists and Parisians stand on a bridge over the Seine at dusk taking photos of the Eiffel Tower.

    Les Parisiens: Rude? Sometimes. But Impolite? Never.

    Are Parisians as rude as their well-worn reputation? Here’s what I’ve learned: rudeness is in the eye of the beholder.

  • A young woman in a white tank top and leggings practices yoga with a little girl on a wooden parquet floor.

    Hot or Not? Our Search for the Perfect Nanny

    Living in the States, a nanny felt like an unattainable luxury. But here in Paris, “nounous” seem almost de rigeur.

  • A large brown dog on the streets of Paris in front of a cafe.

    Top Chien: Owning a Dog in Paris

    It’s been said that in Paris, dogs occupy a higher social strata than children. As the owner of both varietals, I can confirm this cliché is indeed true.

  • Left Bank or Right Bank: Which Parisian Are You?

    If you’ve ever dreamed of living in Paris, chances are you’ve thought about where. A funky Montmartre studio with a view? Perhaps a swank one-bedroom in the 6ème with herringbone floors and marble mantles sends your heart racing? Whether you’re more Marais hideaway or Saint-Germain Haussmannian, it turns out that where you live in Paris says quite a lot about you.

  • Left: 2 people are seen sharing a red umbrella in Montmartre. Right: A Parisian bar is pictured along with its customers including a lady standing talking to another person, a seated man looking at the street, and another man drinking his espresso.

    “Le Flirting” in France: The Art of Seduction

    Soon after arriving in Paris, a man asked if he could join me at a café. “Actually, I am engaged,” I said. “But zees is nuh-sing in France,” he replied.

  • Our Search For a French Country House, Part II (I Blame Peter Mayle…)

    You know the story. Disillusioned ad exec flees rainy London for the sunshine and lavender fields of Provence. Hilarity ensues in the shape of a dilapidated stone house, a village populated by idiosyncratic Frenchmen and lots of good food and wine. Indeed, Peter Mayle’s Provence seduced many dreamers to set off in search of their own little piece of France.

  • Buying a House in Burgundy, HiP Paris Blog, Photo by Paige Frost

    Living A Dream: The Search For An Old Stone House In the French Countryside

    It started on a whim. We were vacationing in the South of France near the idyllic medieval town of Roquebrun, about an hour’s drive from Montpellier. Its sun-baked stone facades are built up into a cascading hillside; a smattering of cafes and merchants dot its central tree-lined street…

  • Parisian decorating inspiration for your apartment.

    Paris Style: Secrets to Decorating Like a Parisian

    When we decided to move to Paris, one of the things I was most excited about was decorating my own Parisian apartment. It would be classic Haussmannian with herringbone floors, marble mantels, high ceilings and moldings – the works. Here are some tips and favorite spots discovered along my decorating journey à la Parisienne.

  • La Maison des Frigos: Hidden Lunches In a Former Artist Squat

    “I don’t cook for everyone; I cook for those I love.” So says Mariko, the Osaka-born owner/chef/gallerist who helms La Maison des Frigos, the tiny café on the ground floor of the artist squat, Les Frigos, in a rejuvenated section of Paris’s 13ème. Indeed, to eat in her dining room is to be invited into her world and – word to the wise – to follow her rules.

  • The places to buy French organic beauty products in Paris, like at Senteurs de Fée with its purple shop front in the Marais.

    Bio Chic: Our Favorite Organic Beauty Boutiques in Paris

    Senteurs de Fée It’s no secret that French girls love their products. Here in Paris, you can find a cream, serum or supplement for just about anything that ails – from cellulite to les cernes to an old fashioned case of the blues. Mademoiselle Bio Traditionally, most of these (often fabulous) remedies have been found […]

  • Our guide to shopping on a budget in Paris and getting that Parisian street style.

    Parisian Style: Chic Shopping in Paris on a Budget

    There are plenty of ways to score fashionable finds in Paris without breaking that stretched bank account. Just shop like a local. Here’s our cheat sheet for chic (and wearable) souvenirs on a shoestring.

  • French Lessons: Discovering Paris’ Private Schools

    When we first arrived in Paris, I couldn’t wait to enroll my kids in French public school. They were still very young — just three and five — so starting them in our local maternelle seemed like a no brainer.

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