Haven in‘s very own Ariel has started planning a return trip to Paris. June can’t come fast enough! We’re happy to share here the three things she is most looking forward to: food, jazz and art, of course! – Geneviève

The staircase at the Musée Carnavalet (Ricohf3)

After living in Paris for 4 months last year, it started to feel like home. Of course I was overjoyed to return to my family, friends and my own bed, but let’s face it; life in France is a little bit different from life in the good old USA.  Now that I’m planning my return trip, I’m reminded of all the things I’ve been missing since my last visit…

French cheese plate (Erica Berman)

Fabulous Food:

When I think of returning to Paris, I’m disproportionately excited about the incredible food I’ll be eating; the often touted, widely available steak tartare (I have to stop myself from having it every meal), rice pudding at L’ami Jean, and raw milk cheeses that are so potent and pungent, they’ll knock your socks off. Without a doubt though, the one thing I am most excited for is a very special pastry called the Escargot au Chocolat:  an unbelievable trifecta of croissant, crème patissière and chocolate. You won’t find them everywhere, but my favorite neighborhood boulangerie in the 7th, Pain D’Epice, has them warm and melty every morning. Hurry though, they sell out fast!  I usually pair it with a warm baguette topped with lait cru Camembert and a dollop of apricot jam. It’s my idea of the perfect breakfast, and possibly the reason why I gain so much weight every time I go to France!

A basket of viennoiseries, including an escargot (Renée S.)


If my time in Paris were a movie, jazz would be the soundtrack. I love it and Paris never lets me down — there’s always a café or club nearby where I can get my fix. My favorite way to end the week in Paris (and an even better way to start one) is to grab a bite to eat Sunday nights at Les Tetes Brulees, where I can pair my glass of cold rosé with some great live jazz.

Another special place I can’t wait to get back to is the Caveau de la Huchette, where my husband and I love to dance the night away as the house swing band conjures up L’âge D’or of Jazz.

A night at the Caveau de la Huche (The Hamster Factor)

Amazing Art & Architecture:

Paris undoubtedly has some of the best museums in the world and I love spending weekends strolling through their galleries and gardens. Two new exhibits that I’m especially excited to see are covering my favorite museum subjects, modern art and ancient history. This summer, from March 16- July 31, the Musee Maillol will have an extraordinary exhibit of over a hundred of Miro’s sculptures, the first time they have been shown in Paris in 40 years! My favorite museum of all time, the Carnavalet, also has a new exhibit tracing the history of Paris from its roots as a Roman settlement to the cusp of the Middle Ages (yeah, I’m a dork, but I can’t wait).

Sculptures by Joan Mirò (Art Crimes, Peter Q.)

After reading all this, I wish I were getting on the plane tomorrow! Only a few more months to wait…  In the meantime, here is…

Written by Ariel Kocourek for the Hip Paris blog. Looking for a fabulous vacation rental in Paris, Provence, or Tuscany? Check out Haven in.


Ariel Kocourek

Ariel Kocourek was born in Bend, Oregon, lived with her family in England, and now calls North Carolina home. She’s spent countless summers traveling with friends throughout the four corners of Europe and loves nothing more than a good road trip through the french countryside. Ariel travels frequently to Paris to check up on the Haven in Paris properties and to get her fill of tasty treats!


  1. Thanks Virginia, your photos are great! Alas, my heart is broken as I’ve arrived to find out that my Pain D’Epice is not currently making the Escargot Chocolat this season. Your photo of one on your blog makes my mouth water!

  2. Found this great post while trying to find the name of Escargot au Chocolat for my blog. Great photos and article.

  3. Can you give an exact address for your favorite neighborhood boulangerie in the 7th, Pain D’Epice?


    1. Hi Lynn, Pain D’Epice is located at 63 Ave. Bosquet… the Baguette Royal is also superb! Enjoy!

  4. Thanks everyone for your comments… I’m glad to know there are others out there missing the delights of Paris as much as I am!

  5. Thanks Susan, let me know if you have any favorite jazz spots… I’m always on the lookout for new places too!

  6. You’re right Erika, that’s another reason I love the Carnavalet so much, it’s free and easy to pop into whenever you want!

  7. I just ate a dinner composed of lots of gourmet stinky cheeses and I can’t wait to do it again soon.. hopefully I’ll make it out to Paris soon!

  8. Don’t forget the other positive with the Carnavalet…it happens to be free! I miss the certain cheeses I can’t find anywhere in the US, like Etorki. Man, now I miss Paris even more…

  9. the problem with this wonderful article???
    I just want to stop working, and go do, eat, see, listen. Thanks!

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