The founders of Poiscaille ethical seafood startup in France with an octopus (left). The Poiscaille Paris ethical fish startup at Poissonnière metro station in Paris, wearing matching stripy mariner t-shirts (right).JG Photography/Eric D’Erouville

Until recently catch of the day seafood at your doorstep has been a privilege reserved for restaurateurs with delivery service or those who lived by the seaside, but the arrival of Poiscaille has changed all that. The startup works with professional fishers who use ethical techniques (such as line caught and cage fishing) for procuring high quality, seasonal seafood.

Ethical fishing for Poiscaille fish monger's in Paris at sunrise in France, two men on a boat with the sun on the horizon.

Ethical fishing for Poiscaille restaurant in Paris, by these two fishermen on a boat out at sea, surrounded by seagulls in full flight.JG Photography

Poiscaille functions much like a CSA, a sort of farm share in which members pay to support local artisans in exchange for fresh, locally sourced produce. Instead of farmers, Poiscaille supports fishers with the help of their members, who sign up for regular deliveries (weekly, every two weeks, once a month) at prices ranging from 19,90 – 24,90 euro enrollment plans, depending on the number of deliveries received in a month. For residents of Paris and the Ile-de-France region, deliveries are made to a pickup up point free of charge (the site now offers a dozen pick up sites in Paris and nearby suburbs- with more locations to be added as the network grows) where they can be retrieved during that point’s business hours. Poiscaille also delivers to other parts of France, including Toulouse and Bordeaux.

French ethical fish monger's, Poiscaille, sells fresh shellfish (left) and catch of the day (right).Eric D’Erouville

Your weekly delivery varies depending on the season and availability. For picky pescatarians, Poiscaille gives the option of choosing the composition of your casier, or box, the night before it’s delivered. The choice is varied, with some examples including lobster, sea bass, mussels, scallops, clams, and even the rare delicacy that is sure to impress your friends: les pouces pieds. Known as goose neck barnacle, these little sea creatures resemble dinosaur claws and are a specialty from the rugged coasts of France.

The founders of ethical French fish monger's Poiscaille, on the Canal Saint Martin in Paris, with a fish in hand.Eric D’Erouville

If you have a fear of commitment, rest assured that Poiscaille is flexible and forgiving. Customers have up until 3 days before delivery to cancel, reschedule, or change the delivery address of their order. If you want to get your feet wet without signing up for regular delivery, you can try Poiscaille’s casier à l’essai (a test box) which is a one off order for 27.90 euro with no strings attached. As spring arrives in France, bringing with it baby greens and the season’s first asparagus and pommes de terres nouvelles it’s the perfect time to have your Poisson d’Avril brought to you in order to complete a simple, seasonal meal!

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