Art Paris: Monet at the Grand Palais

Lily Heise from the Paris walking tour experts Context Travel recently stopped by the Monet exhibit currently taking place at the Grand Palais. Since Paris is currently overrun by an imminent shortage of petrol, enduring public transport strikes and the madness known as contemporary art week, we thought it would be fitting to give you […]
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The Summer That Wasn’t: 20 Paris Rainy Day Solutions from the Locals

Prakhar – Rainy view from Montmartre Fifty degree weather? Rain? What’s next, sleet? The summer is obviously on vacation somewhere else this year. It packed up and went on a tour of Italy and Spain most likely, because it’s more
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August in Paris: Summer Happenings

Marisa Morrison, blogger, francophile, and addict of all things hip and Parisian, fills us in on Paris must-do’s this month.  Stefan To most, August in Paris means one thing: les vacances! Each summer, following Bastille Day (July 14), more
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Shakespeare & Co Literary Festival: June 18-20 in Paris

This weekend, don’t miss the Shakespeare & Co literary festival, sponsored by one of Paris’ best English-language bookstores. The theme this year is Storytelling and Politics — with a fantastic roster of English-language more
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Behind the Scenes in Paris: Portes Ouvertes de Belleville

It’s funny to think how my first visit to Paris involved the requisite art stops (the Louvre, the Musée d’Orsay), and how I now get my artistic thrills by lurking in the dark doorways of artist ateliers in Paris’ fringy Belleville more
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Paris’ Hidden Gems: Secret Movie Locations

Lisa Weatherbee – Hotel Du Nord NOT the Eiffel Tower. We’ve seen it so many times! From the Lumière Brothers’ 1897 Panorama to Merchant Ivory’s 2003 Le Divorce. You can also forget Sacré-Coeur (Amelie, 2001) and Notre Dame (all the more
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A Literary Legacy: The Top Five English-Language Bookstores in Paris

Since the days of Hemingway’s “Lost Generation,” Paris’ English-language bookstores have been vibrant gathering spots for the city’s Anglophone community. To this day, they all keep a ready supply of ex-pat classic A Moveable Feast on hand, and more

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Marcus McAllister – Sunday Tea and Hip Artwork in Belleville

All photos Erica Berman  (Marcus’s flat, his courtyard and his stairwell) On a recent Paris Sunday, Heather Stimmler Hall of Secrets in Paris invited me to meet her for an afternoon tea at artist Marcus McAllister’s painting studio, more
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59 Rivoli: A Modern Day Artist Squat in the Heart of Paris

While Paris is one of the best cities in the world to stroll through museums and gallery-hop, Melissa Ladd — friend and author of the wonderful blog Prete Moi Paris — has unearthed one of the more raw and authentic ways to discover more
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Vernissage: American Artist Ralph Brancaccio

One of the many great things about living in Paris is the multitude of vernissages (art openings) that seem to happen constantly in galleries and alternative spaces around the city. They’re generally free and open to the public, and they provide more
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Iconic Paris: The Photography of Robert Doisneau

“Le Baiser de l’Hotel de Ville” by Robert Doisneau You may not know the name Robert Doisneau, but it’s likely that you’ve seen his iconic photographs of Parisian life in the ’30s and ’40s. If “Le Baiser de more
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Simply Paris by Jennifer Causey

Our friend Nichole Robertson over at Little Brown Pen just clued us into Jennifer Causey’s new book, Simply Paris, which is a photographic journey through the City of Light. Ever have one of those moments where you jump off your chair, more
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Romantic Paris: Valentine’s Day in the City of Love

Photos:,, Paris has long been known as the City of Love, and with good reason. It is a place full of beauty, from the winding Seine river reflecting the city lights to the Sacré-Coeur more
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