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Paris Dining With the Locals: Mon Oncle le Vigneron

by Eric Goldschein
Written By

Eric Goldschein

Born and raised in Brooklyn, New York, Eric Goldschein is a graduate of the University of Pittsburgh and an avid writer at Assign Your Writer and traveler. Frequent adventures in the Americas have only piqued his interest to eat, stroll and write his way around the rest of the world. Luck and circumstance brought him to Paris and he hopes they will keep him here. View Eric Goldschein's Website

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5 comments on “Paris Dining With the Locals: Mon Oncle le Vigneron

visited this place in early 2009, was very lucky to get a table as they opened specially for us for saturday lunch, when i explained on the phone that we were only in paris for a couple of days…

very nice experience!

My Traveling Troop

I appreciate food more when I know the story behind it and the people who grow and bring it to the table. So, I know I would really enjoy this restaurant.

J’adore !

This place looks so awesome (and glad to hear that it is!). I tried going a couple times but they’re real sticklers about reservations. Une autre fois, bien sur…

Haven in Paris

I can’t wait to check this place out. Thanks Eric for the great find!

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