The Best French Streaming for Francophiles

by HiP Paris

We recently shared news of our favorite French streaming service, France Channel. The response was enthusiastic, so we’re excited to offer more freebies and discounts to our readers.

For those of you that missed out, we are happy to extend the offer of one-month’s free access to the platform until July 31 (the normal trial is only one week). There is also another free screening for you, from a French drama called Tomorrow is Ours. Finally, for those of you who want to sign up for a monthly or yearly subscription we have a special 15% discount, just for HiP readers. Just use the code HIP15 when you sign up. Read on to find out more!

Are you a Francophile who can’t get enough of all things French? Or maybe, like us, you are looking for a fun way to improve your French language skills? We’ve previously shared our love of French films and TV in general, and how we used subtitled French movies to help us on the our language learning journey. Because of this, we were excited to discover France Channel – a French streaming service combining some of our favorite past times.

To share in our excitement we have some freebies and a discount for HIP readers to help you experience the best of French culture even while in the States.

Left: The French actress Camille Cottin stars in a show called Connasse, dressed up as a demanding Parisian in leopard coat and red lipstick; Right: The sunsets gives this Parisian Haussmannian building a glow in its zinc rooftop.
Top: photo by Rodrigo Kugnharski
Above left: Camille Contin in Connasse / Above right: photo by Louis Paulin

What is France Channel?

France Channel is a niche streaming service dedicated to all things French. It’s ok if your French is still a work in progress – programs are subtitled in English. France Channel is one of the top french movie streaming sites. It also has series, documentaries about travel, food, fashion, history, art, news, culture and more.

Some films are subtitled in English and French, which helps with language learning. Their programing includes:

French Movies & TV Series Online: 

  • comedy, action, romance, drama, and thrillers
  • starring actors like Catherine Deneuve, Academy Award winner Jean Dujardin, Vincent Cassel (Black Swan, Oceans’ 12), James Bond girl Léa Seydoux, and rising stars of French cinema like Camille Cottin (Killing Eve, House of Gucci), Pio Marmaï and François Civil (The Three Musketeers), Laure Calamy (Call My Agent) and many more.
A black and white poster for the French film called All That Divides Us. The French actor Nekfeu and actress Catherine Deneuve are both looking to the left side.
Nekfeu and Catherine Deneuve in All That Divides Us

Watch Shows About French Culture & Lifestyle  

  • shows about travel, food & wine, fashion, luxury, art, history & culture 
  • flagship series include Beautiful Getaways, Chefs Signature, Secrets of History, and many little gems like Becoming Chanel and The Paris Opera. 
  • Cartoons and family movies including Zorro, Little Brown Bear and The War of the Buttons.

Language Learning: Practice your French with French subtitles in the “Learn French” section. 

Live news with France 24 international news channel, in English and French

Gifts for HIP Readers:

One month’s free access – extended until July 31, 2023!

France Channel is offering one-month’s free access to HIP readers (the normal trial period is one week). Watch your favorite films, TV shows, documentaries, kids programming, and news, with English and French subtitles. The offer has been extended to July 31, 2023.

A Discounted Subscription

For those of you who have already had your one-month trial and want to sign up for a subscription, use the code HIP15 to receive 15% off your monthly or yearly subscription.

Free Screening – Tomorrow is Ours

Two boats collide and explode violently in the Bay of Sete. The accident threatens to upend the lives of each family in the community.

We have an exclusive screening an episode of the series now through July 31.

Let us know in the comments your favorite French shows and movies. There is no better way to learn and brush up on your French!

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