One of the best cake shops in Paris is La Goutte d'Or patisserie in the 18th arrondissement, with its large window running across the entire space.

French TV buffs may recognize Yann Menguy, the talented pâtissier behind La Goutte d’Or. In 2013, Yann was a finalist of “Qui sera le prochain grand pâtissier,” the French equivalent of the Great British Bake Off.

Yann Menguy's pastries in Paris cake shop La Goutte d’Or, seen through the window.

Even though he lost the final – and its book-deal prize – Yann’s skills were impressive enough to persuade top pastry chef Christophe Michalak to hire him as an instructor at the Michalak Masterclass School. A stint at Ladurée followed, where he worked until 2016 when Menguy decided to go solo and open his own shop on the Northern side of the butte Montmartre.

Best bakery in Paris La Goutte d’Or makes homemade pastries, cakes, chocolate and spreads.

A blend of specialty coffee shop and high-end French pâtisserie, La Goutte d’Or proposes a mix of traditional viennoiseries such as croissants and madeleines, as well as edgier creations that reflect Menguy’s quirky style.

The shop’s signature cake is La Goutte d’Or. Made with buckwheat, chocolate, and hazelnuts, it’s a perfect gâteau for chocoholics. There is always something new to discover at Menguy’s shop, including seasonal cakes like the trompe-l’oeil “fried egg” that hides a filling of vanilla mousse, coconut, and citrus fruit.


One of the best bakeries in Paris for cakes, pastries and bread is La Goutte d'Or patisserie in the 18th arrondissement.


Among the several edible souvenirs, the chocolate and peanut spread and the muesli stand out, but nothing beats La Goutte d’Or’s vanilla-infused churned butter. Melted on a warm slice of bread in the morning, it’s hard to imagine a better start to your day!

La Goutte d’Or

183 rue Marcadet, 75018. Métro: Lamarck-Caulaincourt. Open Tuesday-Friday 8am-7:30pm; Saturday 9am-7:30pm

tel. +33 7 60 35 10 13


Delicious French cakes at Patisserie de la Goutte D'Or, including meringues and tarts.

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