Market Shopping: Marché des Enfants Rouges

by Melissa Ladd
Written By

Melissa Ladd

Melissa Ladd is an American in Paris. She muses on Paris fashion, places she loves, things she tests, things she tastes, travel tips, inspirations and more on her blog, Prete Moi Paris. View Melissa Ladd's Website

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21 comments on “Market Shopping: Marché des Enfants Rouges

Guerras Tribales

thanks for the article i’ll save it on my favourites

Hello I just moved into the area and have loved being able to go here. I was in Montmatre before and was worried I would not be able to find anything to compare with rue Lepic. This market has helped. I really like the bread from Alain and his crêpes look good to but I have not yet been tempted. The Rotisserie has some really succulent meat and also attentive service. Au Cion Bio is a little disappointing as the food is very overpriced and quite tasteless and such a pity as it is in a nice spot. I get my fruit and veg here too. Thanks for the pics 🙂

Market troll – love it, that’s me!

Enfants Rouges is such a great little one that shows a great side of French culture often overlooked by tourists – the North African influence adds so much to the tapestry of Paris.

Very nice photos Meg!

I love this market. It’s so genuine and friendly. Haven’t been there too much though, I have to change that since being a history junkie AND a market troll as you nicely put it 🙂 I have some nice pictures from there from the last time I went and you inspired me to soon do something about that blog post I have kept waiting.

Simply Luxurious

Thank you for a bit of a history lesson. How interesting. Marguerite de Navarre sounded like an intriguing and impressive woman. The atmosphere you describe sounds like a lovely place to visit.

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