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Paris Farm-to-Table Restaurants: Delicious, Local and Fait Maison

by Kristen Beddard
Written By

Kristen Beddard

Kristen Beddard founded The Kale Project in 2012 to re-introduce the légume oublié, kale to France. When she's not talking, writing, cooking with or thinking about kale, you can find her running in Parc Monceau or marketing on Saturdays at the Marché Batignolles. She is the author of Bonjour Kale: A memoir of Paris, love and recipes and you can follow her leafy-green stories at View Kristen Beddard's Website

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2 comments on “Paris Farm-to-Table Restaurants: Delicious, Local and Fait Maison

Very good restaurant, l’affriolé rue Malard in the 7 th arrondissement
Fabulous ! Fresh, good portions and chamalows ” fait maison ” to die !

Thank you for this! I have never been to Paris and am going on business for a few days. I don’t care so much about the destinations and sights so much as the slow food scene. Had no idea about the fait maison issue (though not surprising in our industrialized agricultural paradigm). I’ll be sure to check out some of these places. Thank you!

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