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En Vrac

With everything from simple corner cafes to trendy nightclubs, Paris is a paradise for those with a taste for the nightlife. Even so, sometimes a night off is in order. Fortunately, that doesn’t mean you have to eschew a bit of sipping, as Paris offers some interesting alternatives for your home-drinking pleasure.

 Drinking at Home, La Maison du Whisky, pac 930

La Maison du Whisky Fine Spirits

Natural Wine in Bulk: En Vrac 

While wine by the box may not be new, this popular bar and restaurant is providing a new perspective on buying wine in bulk in its two Paris locations. En Vrac means “in bulk,” and here customers choose from a selection of natural wines that can be sampled on-site or taken off-site in fun French lemonade inspired to-go bottles (or bring your own). At prices that start around 5 Euros a bottle, it’s easy to take a chance on a few and spend a casual evening holding your own private wine tasting. And, for those seeking something stronger, they also offer up a selection of bulk spirits like Poire Williams, Vodka, Rhum, and more in a variety of sizes.

Drinking at Home in Paris

La Cave à Cocktail

Drinking at Home, Montage Cave A Cocktail Barrel, En Vrac Bottle, 2

La Cave à Cocktail; En Vrac

Bottled Cocktails: La Cave à Cocktail 

The cocktail craze is in full swing in Paris, making it much easier to find a decent martini. But if rather than hitting the town you want to sip something stronger while still in your slippers, make a visit to the newly opened Cave à Cocktail. A young, enthusiastic team of talented bartenders offer freshly made cocktails by the bottle at budget-friendly prices. You can get cosmos, margaritas, porn star martinis, and more. They also have a prestige collection, which includes some tasty barrel-aged cocktails. Each bottle holds about six cocktails, so all you need are glasses and ice to have your personal cocktail party.

Drinking at Home in Paris

La Cave à Cocktail

Aged Cocktails to Go: La Maison du Whisky Fine Spirits

This offshoot of the original La Maison du Whisky specializes in fine spirits and boasts one of the city’s larger selections. And, with the popularity of aged cocktails, it’s no surprise that they also offer an especially nice range of barrel-aged classic cocktails and house creations, like their Mexican Negroni. Stop in to this swanky shop to see the barrels, which are carefully overseen by Stan, the shop’s cocktail connoisseur, and select something to enjoy while in Paris or take home as a special souvenir.  


Drinking at Home, La Maison du Whisky, Glenmorangie, pac 930

Drinking at Home, La Maison du Whisky,

La Maison du Whisky Fine Spirits

DIY Home Cocktail Box: Sipeasy

Entrepreneur Paul-Eric opened Sipeasy with an aim to make home cocktails easy and affordable. Realizing that not every customer wants to stock a full bar or buy entire bottles just to taste test one cocktail, he created a range of Sipboxes. Each box contains one recipe and all the ingredients necessary to create a certain number of cocktails with little to no leftover liquids. Not only are they a tasty way to make cocktails at home, but they’re also a fun alternative to taking the tired old bottle of wine to dinner parties.

 Drinking at Home, Montage Sipeasy


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En Vrac

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