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It’s a new year full of new possibilities. And if one of your resolutions is to get out and enjoy the Parisian nightlife, you’re in luck. 2012 went out with a bang when it comes to bars, leaving behind a trail of new nightspots in its wake. Here’s  a look at some of last year’s buzziest openings…

LRD (Little red door)

Le Coq: Breaking out of the speakeasy trend, Le Coq offers something more cutting edge with its sexy 70’s décor and rock’n’roll aspirations. Industry superstar Tony Conigliaro masterminds cocktail creations that focus on forgotten French spirits and liqueurs and incorporate secret ingredients imported from his London laboratory. With a regulars list already comprising Paris’s trendsetters and tastemakers, le Coq is giving the city’s cocktail scene a wake up call.

Sherry Butt

Sherry Butt: After honing their skills under the tutelage of the well-known ECC group (Experimental, Prescription, Curio), this team branched out on their own with something a bit brighter just off Bastille. With a focus on high quality ingredients and well-balanced house creations, cocktillians can confidently knock back a drink or two.

LRD (Little red door) & Sherry Butt

For those who prefer their spirits straight, Sherry Butt has also amassed an interesting collection of whiskeys on offer by the glass or flight. Here, weeknights are best for relaxing with finger food at the bar. Weekends mean a full house and DJs on deck.


Glass: Taking a decidedly more divey detour, Glass brought something fresh and feisty to last year’s drinking scene. With a creatively brut décor, lower prices and tongue-in-cheek offerings –cocktails on tap and shot-and-beer pairings–, it’s no wonder they quickly became a favorite among the city’s scenesters. Quiet evenings provide the perfect opportunity to sample their 100% organic beef hotdogs with homemade buns or a selection of tangy pickled veggies. On busy nights a party crowds packs onto the tiny dance floor to bump and grind to the loud music.


Little Red Door: Paris’ latest speakeasy style bar entered the scene with a sultry and sophisticated sense of style. Another new establishment with a well-trained ECC protégée at the helm, they’re turning out a small but solid (and regularly changing) selection of inspired cocktails.

Le Coq & LRD (Little red door)

In an effort to continually up the ante when it comes to cocktails, they’re even bringing in a professional flavorist to assist with new drink design. No décor detail is overlooked, from the elegant glassware to the specially designed light fixtures. And, just for a bit of cheek, word is select regulars will be given personal keys to the tiny red door at the entrance.

LRD (Little red door)

Le Quarante-Trois: It might be surprising to know that one of the hottest openings of the year is located atop the Holiday Inn Hotel. Their rooftop bar, le Quarante-Trois, serves cocktails created with fresh fruits and French herbs over one of the most jaw-droppingly gorgeous panoramic views of the city.

LRD (Little red door)

Unlike many rooftop bars, you can (and should!) make reservations here. You’ll be sure it won’t get too crowded, and you’ll be guaranteed a seat without a long wait. It’s closed during the winter, so make a note to get reservations here as soon as the sun comes back out. You won’t be disappointed.

LRD (Little red door)

And, with that choice, I say cheers to another happy year!

LRD (Little red door) & Le Coq

Le Coq
12 Rue du Château-d’Eau, 75010 Paris
Tel: +33 (0)1 42 40 85 68
Métro: Jacques Bonsergent, République
Open: 6pm – 2am

Sherry Butt
20 Rue Beautreillis, 74005 Paris
Tel: +33 (0)9 83 38 47 80
Métro: Bastille, Sully-Morland, St Paul
Open: Tue – Sat: 6pm – 2am, Sun – Mon: 8pm – 2am

7 Rue Frochot, 75009 Paris
Tel: +33 (0)9 80 72 98 83
Métro: Pigalle
Open: 7pm – 2am

Little Red Door
60 Rue Charlot, 75003 Paris
Tel: +33 (0)1 42 71 19 32
Métro: Filles du Calvaire
Open: 6pm – 2am

Le Quarante-Trois
4 Rue Danton, 75005 Paris
Tel: +33 (0)1 81 69 00 60
Métro: Saint Michel

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Forest Collins

Forest Collins chronicles her search for the finest cocktails in Paris on her blog, 52 Martinis. Every Wednesday, she tries a new place. She starts with a martini for a standard of comparison and then usually orders a second. Got a bar you think makes great drinks? Let her know, she’d love to try it!


  1. Lauren & anonymous: it’s true – Glass is rather tiny. I always go very early evening to avoid the crowds and stick with smaller groups for that one.

    Meg: I do like the Club. I haven’t been for awhile so wasn’t sure if they’d kept up the good quality, so really glad to hear they have!

  2. Great list! I would say the only one missing is The Club. I have been DYING to go to LRD! Must do that asap…
    Glass is certainly one of my top 5 favorite places in Paris. Brooklyn IPA on tap = HEAVEN.
    Love these photos.

  3. Thank you for the fantastic list… it’s always a pleasure to know a good spot for a cocktail in Paris…:) xv

  4. Glass has great cocktails and beer, and overall the ambiance is nice. Helpful hint for those wanting to go to Glass: don’t try to go in a big group for a birthday or other type of soirée. We asked if table reservations were possible, were told yes, and by 11 PM, they were already trying to kick us out of our seats, saying we were interrupting the dance floor. I get it’s a tiny spot, but having never been before, when we got the response that tables were possible, we thought we were golden. Just a friendly FYI!

  5. Illysia… you are 100% correct. We will do that for you ASAP (probably tomorrow morning). Thank you so much for pointing that out.

  6. Would be so helpful if addresses were included in posts with bars/restuarants, or at least hyperlinks. Or did I miss them?

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