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  • Sprits lined up at a cocktail bar.

    Ice Cold Drinks in Paris

    As an American expat, the question I get most is: What do you miss about home? In a pinch I can find a reasonable substitute for many of the readily available items from the U.S. that I miss.  If not, friends keep me in supply. But, there’s one thing I can’t ask even my nearest and dearest to lug over in a suitcase: Frozen water. Yes, you heard correctly. The thing I miss most about the US is ice.

  • The Best Wine Classes and Wine Tastings in Paris

    Arrive and Imbibe: In-the-Know Wine Tastings and Classes in Paris

    One of the best things about being in Paris is that going local means partaking in some particularly good French wine. My travel M.O. is “arrive and imbibe.” While wine courses and tastings can be found all over Paris, here are a few of my favorites for education without intimidation.

  • Featured Drinking at Home, En Vrac, full bottles

    Wine in Bulk and Bottled Cocktails: Hip Alternatives for Drinking Chez Vous

    With everything from simple corner cafes to trendy nightclubs, Paris is a paradise for those with a taste for the nightlife. Even so, sometimes a night off is in order. Fortunately, that doesn’t mean you have to eschew a bit of sipping, as Paris offers some interesting alternatives for your home-drinking pleasure.

  • HiP Paris Blog, Table de Cybele, Palmyre Roigt -3

    La Table de Cybèle: Fresh and Local Dining in Boulogne

    It’s seems that Boulogne, a relatively staid suburb of Paris, is becoming spunkier as a different breed of establishment seems to be seeping into the area. Concept stores, pizza joints with NYC aspirations, a combo cookie shop/tattoo parlor and the like are making a bit of a buzz that has caused some to liken the area to the “Brooklyn of Paris.”

  • Solo Dining, HiP Paris Blog, Photo by Lazare

    Table for One: The Best Places To Dine Solo in Paris

    Who says Paris is just for lovers? With world-class museums, jaw-dropping architecture and monuments galore, exploring the City of Light alone can be fun, freeing and fulfilling. But the one thing that can still strike fear into the solo traveler heart is the phrase: “table for one.” The easiest way around this dilemma is to skip the table all together and head straight for the counter seating at one of these hotspots.

  • Tapas Trio, HiP Paris Blog, Photo by ilovebuvette

    Paris’ Small Plates Trend: Artisan, Buvette, Braisenville & Ito Delight in SoPi

    You can call it tapas, mezze, hors d’ouvres… But, whatever you call it, small plate dining has been big news in Paris for the past few years. With so many spots, it’s hard to choose. So, if you’re interested in partaking in this particular fad, here’s a hat trick of SoPi hotspots for an all night tapas tour.

  • Clamato, HiP Paris Blog, Photo by Didier Gauducheau

    Clamato: A New Oyster Bar From the Team Behind Septime

    With seafood and shellfish playing a starring role in so many of the city’s new and popular restaurants, the team behind Septime finally unveil their own take on the trend with their third venture, Clamato.

  • Paris Wine Company: Josh Adler Delivers Artisanal French Wines To Your Door

    Wouldn’t it be great to jump on a plane and travel to France at a moment’s notice? To leisurely explore the country’s regions and get a better understanding of its varied terroir? While a spontaneous flight may not be realistic, it is possible to travel the country by glass, all from the comfort of home, with a little help from the Paris Wine Company.

  • A Day in SOPI: Eating, Drinking & Shopping in Paris’ HiP South-of-Pigalle Area

    While both North and South have plenty to offer, it’s SoPi that’s become the latest neighborhood to watch. SoPi is packed with plenty of destination restaurants, food shops, cafes and enough to make an itinerary that runs from morning until nighttime.

  • HiP Paris Blog, The Fish Club, Seafood and Cocktails

    Paris’ Freshest Culinary Trend: Seafood & Cocktails

    A formidable group of young food and drink folks have picked up on international culinary trends to create some new and vibrant options for Paris’ drinks and dining scene. The summer’s buzziest trend? Fresh fish with a South-American twist.

  • HiP Paris Blog, Forest Collins, Hotel St James, 5 Best Hotel Bars in Paris

    Drinking in Style: Paris’ Best Hotel Bars

    What is it that makes hotel bars so appealing? Is it the sense of travel and adventure? Is it the ease with which you could drop into a bed after drinks at the bar? Do the guests, themselves passing through for just a moment on the way to their next destination, imbue the spaces with an edgy sense fluidity and transience?

  • HiP Paris Blog, Forest Collins, Wine-Food Bar Roundup, Josephine

    A New Breed of Paris Wine Bars: Bones, Septime Cave, L’Avant Comptoir (and more)

    Quenching your thirst with a nice glass of wine has never been the hardest thing to do in Paris. Cafes, restaurants and bars abound, making it all but impossible to believably complain about being thirsty for more than a block. Recently, however, a new breed of wine bar is upping the ante and bringing a breath of fresh air to the scene.

  • Paris’s Best New Cocktail Bars: Le Coq, Little Red Door, Glass and More

    It’s a new year full of new possibilities. And if one of your resolutions is to get out and enjoy the Parisian nightlife, you’re in luck. 2012 went out with a bang when it comes to bars, leaving behind a trail of new nightspots in its wake. Here’s a look at some of […]

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