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Drinking in Style: Paris’ Best Hotel Bars

by Forest Collins
Written By

Forest Collins

Forest Collins chronicles her search for the finest cocktails in Paris on her blog, 52 Martinis. Every Wednesday, she tries a new place. She starts with a martini for a standard of comparison and then usually orders a second. Got a bar you think makes great drinks? Let her know, she'd love to try it! View Forest Collins's Website

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14 comments on “Drinking in Style: Paris’ Best Hotel Bars

Thank you. I hope to try George V and Le 43. I’m a sucker for a good view.

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Nice post!! Thanks for sharing this beautiful pictures.

Ohhh… Hotel St James is new to me – can’t wait to try it!

Pamela: I know it’s definitely a treat – but I think every once in awhile we deserve to spoil ourselves a little if we can. 🙂

my husband and i had drinks at George V last night! champagne cocktail…27 euros (35$)…but i loved every minute of it!

Thanks Peggy – and of course I’m curious now – which is the one that you haven’t yet tried? 🙂

Wonderful suggestions + one I have never been to.

Thanks for sharing Forest Collins, it will certainly be a new adventure for me. Sara, be sure to let us know how the inflatable bathtub works out – This is something what that could be add to our checklist!

kiki – it’s true that lots of nice hotels are tres cher! I had a glass of champagne at hotel de l’abbaye and i think it was 12 Euros, so that’s a bit easier on the finances than maybe the cocktail at the George V. 🙂

magnificent post and for most of us totally unobtainable (= trop cher…) – but terrific food for our hungry eyes 🙂
thank you

I’m getting an old world luxe vibe here – nice spots!

Great recommendations! The view from Le 43 looks spectacular…So many new places to try…Thank you for sharing…xv

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