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A California summer salad with quinoa, a New York deli-style pastrami sandwich, smoked Banka trout on a sesame bagel— these are just a few of the homemade lunch items you’ll find at the newly opened Rachel’s restaurant in the North Marais.

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Parisians might recognize the name from Rachel’s Cakes in Montreuil, a bakery and catering business that Ohio native, Rachel Moeller, started with her friends, Maria and Birke. In a 60m2 apartment crammed with two stoves and an extra refrigerator in the bedroom, they began to supply fresh, made-to-order bagels, apple pies, muffins, burger buns, and their legendary cheesecakes to Paris eateries like Le Bal Café, Le Camion Qui Fume, and The Broken Arm.

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In a city where trained, in-house pastry chefs are hard to come by outside of Michelin-starred restaurants, Rachel’s Cakes’ filled an indispensable need, and with American-style products that were equally as hard to come by in Paris. Clients can call in a request before 4:30 in the afternoon and have it delivered the next morning. After five years of serving up to 600 businesses, the team’s reputation has finally allowed them to open their own full-fledged restaurant, offering brunch, lunch, dinner, and – of course – their irresistible sweets.

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Today you’ll likely find Rachel behind the dessert counter, sporting a baseball cap and a ponytail, head down in concentration as she chops up parsley or adds the final touches to a key lime pie. Rachel has lived in France for the last 11 years, after spending seven at culinary school in Vienna, a combination that explains her intriguing accent – a fluctuating blend of American, French, and Eastern European. 

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She has assembled an extremely friendly and international team of servers from France, Sweden, and elsewhere, many of whom speak English.

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Décor woman-of-the-moment, Dorothée Meilichzon (Café Pinson, Loustic, Hôtel Paradis), designed the modern and clean-cut interior. A marble counter top, spinning bar stools, and chalkboard menu give it the feel of a classic diner. The wall-to-wall shelving lined with every cookbook imaginable adds a particularly homey feel, as if they could easily all belong to Rachel herself.

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Rachel’s is a refreshing new face in the bistronomie movement in Paris – truly high-quality, homemade dishes made with seasonal ingredients that regular people can afford. Whether you’re stopping for lunch after shopping in the Marais or out on a romantic dinner date, you’ll feel comfortable and at home at Rachel’s.

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Rachel’s – 25 rue Pont Aux Choux, 75003 Paris. Tel: +33 (0)1 44 61 69 68 

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