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Paris Summer Prep Lesson Two: The Bikini

At age 50, I moved to Paris. Impressed by the casual sexiness of the locals, I updated my wardrobe and skin care regime. But now it’s swimsuit season. Quelle horreur!
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Getting Paris Right the First Time

So you’ve decided to finally book a trip to Paris. Félicitations, you’re surely going to love it! So you’ve decided to finally book a trip
by Oliver Gee
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Coffee with a French Twist at Cuillier Café

France is waking up to a world beyond Italian roast, and good coffee is now accessible in major French cities. Café Cuillier, which just opened
by Kate Robinson
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LIZA Lebanese Restaurant: From Beirut to Paris with Liza Asseily

Ten years ago, Liza Asseily and her husband Ziad opened LIZA Lebanese restaurant on rue de la Banque in Paris. In the years that followed, the
by Rooksana Hossenally
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Christmas in the City of Lights: Seeking Out Paris’ Holiday Cheer

Mic Mac When I popped home to the UK in November, London was already in full festive swing with Christmas trees, festive songs and neon lights
by Victoria Wall
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Paris in the Winter: The City of Light Shines

Above: Christmas window at Galleries Lafayette, Paris (JournaldesVitrines); Below: Christmas windows Galeries Lafayette (JournaldesVitrines);
by Fiona Hilliard
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How to Shop Like a Parisian: Personal Stylists to Make You Fab

Photos: Liuwencheng, Charlyn W, One & Only Paris Photography In Paris, the fashion trend of the moment is having your own personal shopper.
by Parisien Salon
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Ready, Set… Shop! Les Soldes Run Through February 10

Garance Doré,, www. It’s that magical time of year… when shopping wishes come true and
by Tory Hoen