Marché d'Aligre

Thanksgiving in Paris: How to Prepare and Shop Like a Chef

Living in France, Thanksgiving is the holiday I miss the most. Fortunately the French are always ready to join in any food-related fun and rounding up expats and Frenchies alike is very easy.
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Living Like a Local: How To Spend Sunday in Paris (Part III)

Parisians take relaxing very seriously. France is world renowned for its 35-hour workweek, its terrace coffee sipping, August vacations, people
by Lise Kvan
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Le Quartier d’Aligre: A Foodie Haven Near Bustling Bastille

The Quartier d'Aligre is one of my favorite pockets of Paris, and one I am lucky enough to call home. Located just southeast of Bastille, the
by Erin Dahl
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Paris Beer Week Recap: The Best New Addresses for Craft Brews

While the participants in Paris Beer Week may have a few blacked out memories after the festivities, they're sure to remember the many new beer
by Emily Dilling
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Paris’ Best Butchers and Top-Notch Meat

Shopping for meat in Paris is a great way to discover French specialities and find inspiration for new recipes. French cuisine favors using the
by Emily Dilling
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Strolling Through Paris, Part I: An Outdoor Itinerary in the 12ème Arrondissement

The summer is one of the best times explore the city in all its splendor. However, some of the city’s best places for strolling are packed with
by Lily Heise
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Le Baron Rouge: The Quintessential Paris Wine Bar There are a few places in Paris that make you feel like an insider the minute you step through the door. It’s an incredibly
by Tory Hoen