Summer is in full swing and there’s no better place to relish the sunshine than Paris’ many terraces, outdoor bars, and rooftops. But are you looking for somewhere new to discover? Luckily, Paris is a forever changing landscape. …read more

The 20ème is one of the largest neighborhoods in Paris, covering the areas of Nation, Gambetta, Ménilmontant, and Belleville. Largely overlooked by tourists, this unique quartier is full of locals-only bars and restaurants, art galleries, theaters, charming backstreets, hidden pockets of nature, and a diverse population. As much as I love the familiar streets of… …read more

In Paris, walking in the paths of the dead isn’t the morbid pursuit it might be considered back home in the U.S. After all, American cemeteries tend to be row after row of simple headstones, often surrounding rather basic marble mausoleums. There is nothing to marvel at in these places […] …read more