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Morbid or Not? Finding Inpiration in the Cemeteries of Paris

by Linda Donahue
Written By

Linda Donahue

Linda Donahue is the founder and editor-in-chief of, as well as an award-winning writer and photographer. View Linda Donahue's Website

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4 comments on “Morbid or Not? Finding Inpiration in the Cemeteries of Paris

Oh I love an old cemetery. And, of course, I’ve been to Pere Lachaise. Twice. Would go again. I have not been to the others you mentioned though. Have to put them on my list for a future visit.

New Orleans has some wonderful cemeteries here in US. These are lovely.

Montparnasse is the artsiest cemetery I’ve ever seen. The graves reflect the way the artists must have been in life – quirky, artsy, modern, interesting. I loved it.

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