As I parked my Velib on a rare sunny afternoon in Paris, just steps from the Canal St Martin, I could already tell I was in for a treat.  I made my way up charming rue de la Grange aux Belles to the narrow storefront of Ten Belles, snuggled next to a lush, overgrown plant store (le Bleuet Coquelicot). I highly suggest a peek inside… adorable!

Ten Belles, this brand new Paris coffee house is a collaboration of the team behind Le Bal Café and Frogfight organizer, and well known Paris barrista, Thomas Lehoux. It’s intimate ambiance and focus on refined and meticulously cared for coffee make it the perfect stop for coffee enthusiasts, even attracting other known Paris baristas on their days off. Ten Belles served up one of the best cappuccinos I have ever had in Paris, and the charming baristas make it all the sweeter.

On this cheerful Saturday afternoon, the good-looking BoBo crowd chatted quietly but enthusiastically up on the mezzanine and outside on brightly colored wooden stools. Sitting on a banquette inside, I noted that the vibe and the décor made me feel as though I had been transported back to Brooklyn, perhaps via Sweden.

Sipping on my delicious cappuccino, I mused happily over the American touches that I found throughout the café: the rock music that played from an iPod, the tip jar with a sign made out of a dollar bill, the option to have one’s coffee to stay or to go (sur place ou à emporter), not to mention the hot dog on the menu.

After savoring the last drop of my cappuccino, I chose to skip the hot dog and order the tasty and nutritious avocado, cheddar, and greens sandwich wrapped in brown butcher paper instead. Keeping in tune with the American spirit of the place, I took it to go.

For my return visit to Ten Belles  I plan on trying the filtered coffee and one of the mouth-watering red fruit tarts or apple crumbles, or maybe a cookie, or maybe I’ll go for the 11€ “Formule Dej.” Or, maybe I’ll order that hot dog after all.

Ten Belles
10 rue de la Grange aux Belles 75010 Paris
Tel: +33 6 22 71 28 15
Open: Tue-Fri, 8am-6pm, Sat & Sun, 9am-7pm
Metro: Colonel Fabien/ Jacques Bonsergent

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Written by Elise Marafioti for the HiP Paris Blog. All photos by Didier Gauducheau. Looking for a fabulous vacation rental in Paris, London, Provence, or Tuscany? Check out Haven in Paris.



Elise Marafioti

Elise was born and raised in New York where she pursued a career in classical and modern dance. During a hiatus from performing, she moved to Paris and attended the American University of Paris. After living in more than six different arrondissements over the years, soaking up as much of Paris as possible, she returned to New York. Throughout the years, Elise has taken every opportunity to return to Paris and has also traveled extensively throughout Europe.


  1. Thanks for including the link to my Télescope article! Ten Belles is super close and equally as delicious. Love the vibe!

  2. lovely post. I am fan of any coffe with drop of milk, so any post about coffee makes me warm on <3
    Thanks for sharing

  3. lovely post. I am fan of any coffe with drop of milk, so any post about coffe makes me warm on <3
    Thanks for sharing

  4. Looks so adorable and right in my neighbourhood! Cannot wait to visit. Thanks so much for the tip!



  5. Looks adorable and that avocado sandwich sounds perfect 🙂 Can’t wait to stop by on one of my Sunday afternoon bike rides along the Canal!

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